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Marionette PKMN-Armonia Application by DreamingMystic Marionette PKMN-Armonia Application by DreamingMystic

For the group :iconpkmn-armonia:

:new:Update 10/3/2014:  After the occurrence of recent events and input from fellow members Marionette's age has been officially changed to 15 in time for her 16th Birthday.  No backing out of this either like last time.  It is time to admit that my little girl has grown up and deal with it.

Update 9/9/2014:  Added the TMs/Tutor section as well as two moves Marionette has learned: Double Team and Rest

Update 9/2/2014:  I couldn't do it. She'd be growing up too fast.  And it's not like there aren't mature 13-year-olds out there; the girl has spent most of her life on her own, so it would make sense she would be a bit more mature than others her age. ;^; *sorry Bun if I ended up wasting your time*

Update 9/1/2014: Changed Marionette's age from 13 to 14. Being around kids her own age has shown me that she is actually more mature than I originally thought, so age change to help reflect that.

Update 7/28/2014: Updated application with items and a lovely pink pentacle, along with a slight adjustment to stats since she grew 19 levels since she was first submitted.  I also added a Family and Held Items section in the extras.

Update 7/26/2014: Holy crap, Marionette gained 19 levels from the competing schools event.  I need to slow down; I don't want my baby to grow up so fast. Dx
Also, Twitter.  Marionette got a Twitter so that she can stay in touch with her friend Cameron.  I'm filling it up with cute junk so come take a look at how clueless she is about it all if you want. xD

:bulletpurple:Name: Marionette Jacobs

:bulletpurple:Age:  15 16

:bulletpurple:Gender:  Female

:bulletpurple:Pokémon:  Litwick #607

:bulletpurple:Re-Birthday:  October 27

:bulletpurple:Height:  1 foot, 0 inches/ 0.3 meters or 30 centimeters

:bulletpurple:Weight:  3.4 lbs./ 1.5 kilograms

:bulletpurple:Nature:  Impish

:bulletpurple:Ability:  Flash Fire

:bulletpurple:Hometown:  Strange House, Unova

:bulletpurple:Twitter: @MarionetteHugs

:bulletpurple:Personality:  :bulletpurple:

     Marionette is a sweet and adorable little girl that loves nothing more than having fun and being around people she loves.  With a very high degree of curiosity, she also has the tendency of exploring everywhere and anywhere she can get into.  Whether she is allowed to or not.  This, as you can imagine, can get her into all sorts of trouble, but the little Litwick is more than willing to deal with the consequences of her actions.

     Also, as sweet as she may be to most, always trying her hardest to be polite when she can, Marionette only reserves this behavior for those she likes.  If she doesn’t like someone she is not one for hiding it and may even try for a prank or two if they tick her off enough. They’re always harmless little things though.  She doesn’t have it in her heart to harm anyone unless she has to, and she always has the habit of trying to avoid physical fighting as much as possible, preferring to running off and hiding if there is trouble.

     Unless the one in trouble is a friend.  Then she is as reckless as can be and often gets herself hurt putting others’ safety above her own.  She is also a very self-conscious individual, as her soul consuming fire makes her painfully aware of how others feel about her.  Also, she can be a bit of a pushover since tininess doesn't do much in getting others to listen to you.  And she’s modest.  Oh so very modest.  It is the easiest thing in the world to make her pale little face blush.

:bulletpurple:History: :bulletpurple:


Dear, Mr. Diary,

     Hello, my name is Marionette and, well, I’ve never had a diary before, so I suppose I should start off by telling you a little about myself. I came from a very old mansion, a ghost Pokemon settlement, located on top of a mountain made out of dry winds and sand.  The living always called it Strange House for some reason, and I remember it being a very nice place to live.  It had a bunch of cobwebs all over and it was always lots of fun to roll around in all the dust on the floor and make pretty snow angels in it~

     There were lots of other Litwicks to play with there too, but I ended up spending most of my time with a living person that everyone called the Candle-Maker.  We called him that because he would never tell anyone his name, but every day for the longest time he would come to the house with lots and LOTS of candles to light our halls every day.  He would even sometimes make his candles at the house too!  I remember that me and the rest of the Litwicks would crowd around him as he worked and it was all very neat to watch.  His soul essence tasted very yummy, and sat very well in my fire’s belly, but it always tasted like he was very sad.  The others say it was because he had lost someone very important, which was why he was always making those candles.  He was waiting for that someone to be reborn in one of them.  I never asked him if this was true or not, so I don’t know that for certain, but what I did know was he would look at this stack of pictures he had all the time of a pretty lady and a little girl.  I couldn’t stand to taste him being so miserable, so I always tried my very best to make the Candle-Maker happy by doing little things for him here and there; like moving a chair or trying to help him with making his candles sometimes.  I don’t think he ever really cared about me, and I didn't always do a very good job of making him happy.  Sometimes I just annoyed him or even made him angry, but if I was a good enough girl he would let me sit in his lap as he looked through his pictures.  That was what I loved the most back then.  Sitting there made me feel all nice and special~

     Those pictures always made him smile…… I loved seeing him smile. I had liked him a whole bunch.  A bunch of bunches even!  Which was why I was very sad when he was gone.  One day he just wasn't there anymore.  I looked for him everywhere in the house three times over, but I couldn't find him.  I even spent a long time waiting by the front door in case he decided to come in when I wasn't looking.  I’m not sure how long I waited there… Probably a really long time.  But then one day, when I was drawing hearts in the dust on some of the Candle-Maker’s bags, I had thought of something.  The Candle-Maker left his pictures at the house.  He loved those pictures a lot, and for whatever reason he was probably not going to come back.  At least not any time soon.  He would have been very sad without them, since they were the only things that made him happy, so I scooped them all up and went to go look for him.  I never left the house before then.  No farther than the big, dead tree in the front.  But I was four at the time, so that made me a big, brave girl that could do anything! Although I will admit that when I saw rain for the first time I cried because it was so scary… >^<;


     It has been a long time since then.  Since I first left Strange House.  About eleven or so years I guess if Mr. Calendar is correct.  I pretty much traveled constantly after that, never staying in one place for too long when I was going from city to city, town to town, region to region; like a week or two at most.  I never knew where I was going, so I pretty much just let my curiosity guide me from place to place and I would sleep on a bench or in a box on the street when I got sleepy.  I never stopped keeping an eye out for the taste of the Candle-Maker’s soul, but after a time I grew tired of wandering, and… I will admit I was having doubts.  Eventually I found a town called Pokette and I decided to stay in it.  Constant exploring when I was traveling was fun and all, but Pokette was much, MUCH better~!

    I hadn’t lived there for very long, only six months till the town was closed down, but I loved every minute of it.  I made so many friends and had such a fun time!  I…  I also learned some very important things from my time living there too, with an important one being that I finally admitted to myself that I would never find the Candle-Maker.  Nor do I think he would care if I did...  I won’t get into the details about all the other life related things I learned, Mr. Diary, but mostly I started to think about stuff I never thought about before.  One thing in particular was family.  I never had a family and the idea of it became very important to me, so it makes sense that I would latch onto one of my best friends, Ile, as a kind of father figure.  I would spend hours just day dreaming about me calling him “daddy”, or him reading me bed time stories, or some other father-daughter kind of thing.  I didn’t want to tell him about that since I was afraid he might think it was weird, but when the town was closed down and everyone was moving away I forced myself to be very brave and told him.  I even gave him a Daddy Day present and everything!  I was so scared that it wouldn’t turn out okay… but it was anything but and he ended up adopting me~!

     Okay, I shall admit that there were some other things that influenced his decision on that, but I like to think that it was only because he loved me and thought I was cute and stuff and IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!  I even got a mommy out of it too.  Yaaaaays~ >w<

     So I packed up my things and left Pokette with my new family to go live somewhere else!  It has been a while since all that stuff happened and it was eventually decided that I should go to school somewhere nice and shiny.  The Armonia Institute is going to be far away from my new family, and I am pretty sad about leaving them when I had only just got them, but…  Well, Mr. Diary, I uh… I never went to school before sooo… getting a formal education sounds like a good idea, I guess.  All the schools I snuck into to explore looked like they were lots of fun, so that’s something to look forward to.  And who knows, maybe I’ll even learn more of those important life lesson things from going there~

     Well, that is about it, Mr. Diary.  I’m going to draw LOTS of hearts on you and then go straight to bed; I will need to get plenty of sleep if I am going to help Ile write my application tomorrow.  Or rather he is going to help me since I don’t know anything about this kind of stuff.  Anyway, good night and sleep tight~


Love, Marionette Jacobs (oh my gosh, I have a last name now.  This is so awesome! XD )


P.S.:  Mirjam just told me that she did not give me this diary so that I can read everything I wrote in it back to everyone.  She says that I’m supposed to hide it somewhere and never tell anyone what’s in it. Well I didn’t know that!  Now I just wish she would stop giggling and poking me in the tummy; it makes it very hard to write when she is tickling me. >///^////<;


:bulletpurple:Summary characteristic:  Highly Curious

:bulletpurple:Hobbies: :bulletpurple:

Exploring, singing, dancing, playing all sorts of games with friends, tea parties, metaling working including welding and soldering to make stuff, glass blowing, and learning how to read tarot and runes.


:bulletpurple:Level:  48

:bulletpurple:Main Moveset: :bulletpurple:

:iconfiretypeplz:  Fire SpinLv. 7:  This fiery vortex is capable of entrapping foes for various amounts of time.  Power is weak and accuracy faulty and unlike most fire-type moves, Fire Spin does not cause burn status.

Appearance and Use:  A huge swirl of orange fire is summoned forth from Marionette’s head’s flame.  It’s VERY big compared to the small girl and is usually used to create large amounts of fire when needed.

:iconpsychictypeplz:  TelekinesisTM 19/ 5th Gen.:  The user makes the target float with its psychic power, making them easier to hit.

Appearance and Use:  Head flame turns pink and bright, tiny pink embers appear to surround/cover the area affected by the move.  It is Marionette’s favorite and most used move, as it is used mostly to compensate for her small size when lifting things and helping her move around quickly when she needs to.  Extended and/or inefficient use can cause headaches.

:iconghosttypeplz:  HexLv. 28:  On its own, Hex does not do very much damage, but when the target is affected by a status condition this relentless attack does massive damage.  More than any other ghost-type attack.

Appearance and Use:  Head flame turns an ominous black, eyes narrow and becomes a piercing crimson, and dark energy is shot out from the hands that resembles black lightning.  This move is Marionette’s least favorite, as the dramatic shift in demeanor can be unsettling for those who are used to the usual cuteness, causing potential for others to fear her.  Hex will also automatically ready itself if Marionette ever gets angry enough, making it useful for whenever she wants to be taken seriously in certain situations.

:iconfiretypeplz:  Will-O-WispLv. 16:  Afflicts the targeted enemy with a Burn status condition.

Appearance and Use:  Balls of fire of a light blue/light purple color are blown from the mouth.  Being a fire of a ghostly nature it burns at a much lower temperature than a normal flame.  It is normally used in conjunction with Hex or to just make pretty lights when Marionette needs them.

:new: :bulletpurple:TM/Tutor Moves::bulletpurple: :new:

:iconnormaltypeplz:  Double TeamStore bought: Multiple copies of the user are created to enhance evasiveness.  Copies are either created through illusions or moving really fast.

Appearance and Use:  It is a hoard of Marionettes.  And they want to snuggle you.  Give you all the hugs in the world as you are covered from head to toe with tiny, giggly ghosts.  Marionette will use this either through hugs or just in need of making a quick get away in all the confusion.  Most of the time she will use illusions to save energy, but will swap to the moving really fast option to make it feel like she is giving you lots of hugs.

:iconpsychictypeplz:  RestTwitter Yoga Class:  The user goes to sleep for an extended amount of time.  When he/she wakes up they will be fully rejuvenated in strength and energy and all status aliments will disappear.

Appearance and Use:  It's just as you would expect; the tiny girl takes a nap.  However, how she takes the nap can go in either two ways: first and foremost she will want to cuddle up with something for the snooze, be it a fluff or a friend.  If there is nothing like that present then Marionette will merely stand perfectly still in place with her hands placed over her heart as her head is tilted slightly down.  Being a candle allows her to sleep without ever moving an inch, so sleeping while standing up is very much a possibility.

:bulletpurple:Level Up Moves::bulletpurple:

:iconfiretypeplz: Emberstart, Flame BurstLv. 20, InfernoLv. 38

:iconghosttypeplz: Astonishstart, Confuse RayLv. 10, Night ShadeLv. 13, CurseLv. 43

:iconnormaltypeplz: MinimizeLv. 3

:iconpoisontypeplz: SmogLv. 5

:iconpsychictypeplz: ImprisonLv.24

:icondarktypeplz: MementoLv.33


:bulletpurple:Favorite berry flavor:  Sweet

:bulletpurple:House:  Selva

:bulletpurple:School Schedule:  


:bulletgreen:  Math I

:bulletgreen:  Battle

:bulletgreen:  Writing

:bulletgreen:  Health and Sex Ed


:bulletyellow:  Literature

:bulletyellow:  Horticulture

:bulletyellow:  Zoology




:new: :bulletpurple:Extras: :bulletpurple: :new:

:heart: Family :heart:
*Note: Since Marionette has no biological family everyone here is from her adoptive family.*

Father:  Ile Jacobs

~ Munchlax
~ Adopted Marionette a week after they moved out of Pokette together with his family.
~ Gave him an obsidian knife set she made for Father’s day when she told him how she sees him as a dad.
~ Was one of her best friends before the adoption.
~ Belongs to Lazy-a-Ile

MotherLegally:  Olivia Jacobs

~ Purugly
~ Recently married Ile Jacobs
~ Met Marionette the day she and her family moved out of Pokette together.
~ They barely know each other, but Marionette has hopes of earning the Purugly’s love so that she may have a mommy too.
~ ((Relationship may update if new information about Olivia comes in))
~ Belongs to Tartly-Sweet

Aunt Sister:  Mirjam Jacobs

~ Munchlax
~ Is referred to as a “sister” even though Mirjam would technically be Marionette’s aunt.
~ Have been best friends ever since the day they met.
~ Loves to tickle Marionette for some reason.
~ Belongs to Lazy-a-Ile

Grandmother:  Rose Jacobs

~ Snorlax
~ Marionette likes to call her “Grandmamma.”
~ Kind, caring, and very motherly.  Spending time with Marionette makes her want to have another child.
~ Very big woman; she’s taller than her husband and has freaking huge-!  Umm… Tracks of land.  Yep, that’s it.
~ Must never drink any kind of alcohol.
~ Mirjam is very much like her mother.
~ Belongs to Lazy-a-Ile

Grandfather:  Jack Jacobs

~ Rhydon
~ Marionette likes to call him “Grandpapa.”
~ Will beat the sh*t out of anyone who even looks at his wife funny, as well as any boy who touches Marionette.
~ His clothing style reflects a punk rocker look.
~ Likes to give Marionette rides on his tail, and Marionette loves to dangle from his drill horn as she hugs it affectionately.
~ Ile is very much like his father.
~ Belongs to Lazy-a-Ile

Uncle:  Anssi Jacobs

~ Either a Munchlax or Snorlax
~ Very little is known about him, except that he’s serious and is married.
~ Belongs to Lazy-a-Ile


:new: :star: Held Items :star: :new:

Pink Diamond Choker
~ RP Log with Dianamond ~

Davi smiled, seeing her so happy from the accomplishment made her happy as well. Davi helped put the gems Marionette found in her own new little exploring bag and nodded.

Davi: "I found a few more rubies here...but, I found this- and I want you to have it because I already have one."

She held up a fairly average sized raw diamond, not too tiny, and not too large.

Marionette: “Oooo…~” O. O

Taking the little stone from the Noivern, Marionette looked it over. It was a very lovely diamond, even if it wasn’t cut yet; it just shined ever so pretty like in the flickering light of her flame.
Sitting down on the wall, the little Litwick studied the gem a bit more, trying to imagine just what the heck she was going to make with it.

Marionette: “Thank you so much! It’s very pretty~” ^w^

~ When Marionette finally decided what to do with her diamond she took it to a jeweler to have it cut, only to find out that it was a beautiful magenta/pink inside.
~ The diamond’s monetary value means nothing to the girl; only that it was a special gift from one of her friends in Pokette.
~ The pink diamond is attached to a black silk ribbon that Marionette ties double-knotted around her neck.

Tablet with Protective Case:
~ Ile gave this to Marionette before she left for Armonia so that she may always stay in touch with her new family via the video chat app.
~ Marionette makes sure to call at least once a week.  Normally at night before she goes to bed.
~ Marionette only knows how to use the tablet for video chat and Twitter.  Everything else she doesn’t care about, but she will probably learn to use the rest of it in time.
~ The thing has a protective case and wow does it need it.  With the thing being so big compared to Marionette there’s a good chance of her dropping it, especially if she keeps walking with it as she does Twitter.


:bulletpurple:Fun Facts::bulletpurple:

:bulletpink: Marionette was originally my PKMN-Crossing character until the group shut down.  The keen observer will know that I recycled parts of Marionette’s application history from that group and edited it to fit this one since it displayed her personality so well.  It also explains why I have a butt-load of fun-facts written here, so I’m sorry for the overload.


:bulletwhite: Marionette died in a fire, like all directly reincarnated Litwick are thought to have done.  She doesn’t remember anything about her past except that she was a little girl about six or seven.


:bulletblue: That being said, growing up physically kind of sucks when you have such a young soul.  Namely hormones.  Oh Gods those silly things have been giving her so much grief.  She is fine with the widening hips, she is fine with her boobs getting big and jiggly, but she is not fine with her getting flustered and anxious for no apparent reason!  Especially over boys.  It’s something Marionette has accepted that she will have to learn how to deal with, but gaaaaaaaaaaahhh….  Leave the poor girl alone! (They won’t~ XD )


:bulletblack: This girl loves the hugs.  If she likes you then prepare for glompage from the tiny ghostie.  And snuggles.  Lots of snuggles for her favorite people.


:bulletpink: As a Litwick, Marionette naturally devours the spirit essence of living creatures and never needs to eat if her fire is sufficiently fueled.


:bulletwhite: Burning soul energy in her fire also grants a kind of sixth sense to the girl, allowing her to not only see the souls of others but to also sense where they are within a given radius and what their emotions are.


:bulletblue: While this is neat and all, Marionette has unfortunately relied too much on this form of perception while searching for the Candle-Maker and has crippled her regular eyesight to an extent.  Seeing the soul energy from someone clouds out that person’s physical features, causing her to not notice a lot of details like colors, tails, ears, etc.


:bulletblack: She’s gotten better at this ever since Pokette, but all that swirling colorful energy does make it hard to notice a lot of things still.  The only exception has always been the eyes, for the eyes are the windows into the soul and thus shine the brightest and the most beautiful out of all the soul energy she perceives.


:bulletpink: Consuming too much of one emotion can make Marionette experience that emotion for herself.  If there was a way to describe this it would be that Marionette finds emotions to be “contagious.”  Most of the time the little Litwick finds this to be very annoying, since such feelings are not hers.


:bulletwhite: Back in Pokette Marionette worked as a Blacksmith in order to make money.  She even figured out how to make obsidian after studying some geology books~


:bulletblue: Controlling fire is second nature to her.  If it’s hot enough you can bet Marionette can control it.


:bulletblack: Like it was said in the personality section, Marionette can also be bit of a pushover.  One example being that when she was traveling people would often pick her up and take her places without her prior consent.  The little Litwick always had a hard time saying “no” or even bringing up enough resistance to enforce that “no,” but since these were normally very nice tasting people Marionette didn’t mind too much.  Unless she gets angry enough.  Then she won’t stand for anything she doesn’t like.


:bulletpink: No, she has never let anyone whose soul tasted bad or scary do anything to her like carry her off.  Her soul perception was actually what kept the naive little girl safe all those years on the streets.


:bulletwhite: One of her very favorite things to do is to sneak around a room without being seen.


:bulletblue: She may not eat like a normal person, but Marionette always has room in her tummy for sweets.  Especially chocolate~


:bulletblack: Speaking of eating, if her fire is out Marionette will start craving regular food to supply the required nutrients.  Food alone doesn’t give her all of the energy and nutrition she needs to live, but it does the trick for a while.


:bulletpink: If Marionette wanted to she can sleep standing or sitting up.  This is a natural thing with Litwicks, as they hardly move at all when sleeping.  However, it is always much more comfy to sleep like a person rather than sleeping like a candle, so a nice comfy bed she always goes to for napping.


:bulletwhite: Marionette loves playing dress up, but if someone catches her doing this she will always blush up a storm and try to hide.  (She has a nurse and maid outfit.  Don’t tell ANYONE! )


:bulletblue: To keep in touch with her new family, Ile gave Marionette a tablet so that way they can video chat whenever they want.  Marionette makes sure to talk to them at least once a week.


:bulletblack: Marionette absolutely SUCKS at using computers and machines.  The only thing she knows how to use on that tablet is the video chat function.  Magic makes much more sense to her and thus she prefers it and doing things the old fashioned way.


:bulletpink: Marionette HATES the ocean and other large bodies of water, but mostly the ocean.  Well… Just the water part actually.  Everything else about the ocean is fine.  However, this has nothing to do with her being a fire-type.  It’s actually because she’s a ghost-type.


:bulletwhite: Since Marionette has a physical, wax body to look after she cannot phase through walls like most other ghost-types can. :new: She CAN, however, phase through glass since it's more of a liquid than a solid (yeah, I don't get it either.  But there is apparently science to back this up.)  She still has a hard time phasing through it though and can sometimes get stuck if she doesn't concentrate hard enough.  Don't expect her to try this very often because of it.:new:


:bulletblue: If Marionette’s body gets damaged she can repair it with normal candle wax.  Her body can fully regenerate and leave no scars behind, but using the candle wax will make everything heal much faster.


:bulletblack: Marionette not only hates water, but is also afraid of going into deep levels of water.  This is because at one point Marionette was trapped underwater for two weeks before finally being fished out.


:bulletpink: Since Marionette does not need oxygen to sustain life, the little girl can stay underwater indefinitely if she needs to.  That being said, what she does need oxygen for is for lighting her fire and for keeping her inner wax molten hot so that she may move.  If she gets too cold or is deprived of oxygen for too long Marionette starts to lose mobility and eventually hardens completely.  This is why she was stuck underwater that one time; she could not do anything to free herself.


:bulletwhite: Marionette interestingly enough does like swimming, but as you can imagine she is terrified to go alone.  Being unable to drown sounds nice on paper, but the idea that she could end up being stuck underwater for all of eternity is very frightening to her. 


:bulletblue: The only water Marionette likes, and actually enjoys, is warm water.  The hotter the better, so hot springs here she comes~


:bulletblack: Rain is also tolerable since it makes such fun puddles to jump in.


:bulletpink: Marionette can read and write in Theban Script, which is also known as the Witches’ Alphabet.  She picked it up, along with quite a few of her beliefs and world views from staying an amazingly long two months in a nature worshiping village in Kalos while she was traveling.


:bulletwhite: Ever since spending time in that village a pentacle could be seen on all of Marionette’s outfits somewhere.  She considers it her personal symbol.


:bulletblue: Marionette will be writing ALL of her school notes in Theban Script.  She just prefers it this way, so if you want to borrow notes be sure to ask for a translation as well.


:bulletblack: The power and time duration of Marionette’s Telekinesis is directly related to how she is feeling and what emotions she is feeding on.  Bad emotions shorten it while good emotions extend it.


:bulletpink: Marionette is also prone to spontaneously casting Telekinesis when she is really happy.  Cheek kisses that are full of love, caring, and kindness can often trigger this.  So far, this involuntary usage of Telekinesis has caused her and her friends to float off the side of a cliff and once she levitated an entire bus.  It was a small school bus, but still…  It was a damn bus.


:bulletwhite: The floating off a cliff thing happened because she devoured TOO MUCH happiness and love.  Oh my God that made her as high as a kite.  She would not stop snuggling Ile’s head for the longest time after that. Who needs drugs when you can eat soul energy? xD

Marionette (c) Mine
Litwick (c) Nintendo


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