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Selena Solaris
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Life is a story, so write it well.


.....With this meme I've been tagged with.
The poker be :iconluckyryo:
Now.... Let this epic Pokemon journey begin. :|
*runs off into the wild*

For this, use this generator:…

Keep it on one pokemon unless the question tells you otherwise... Pokedex is national dex... Any type unless told to... Don't exclude legendaries or not fully evolved pokemon...You can evolve your pokemon anytime...there can be more than one Pokemon (including legendaries)...tag 5 people at the end..

1. You are starting your pokemon journey! What is your starter?

Sweet beard, yo.  I shall dub thee Merlin... Lord of Fluffy White Things.

2. Your rival shows up! What is his first pokemon?
*kicks his smelly butt to the road with Psychic*

3. You two battle and, of course, you win. You go out onto route 1 and meet a Pokemon! You catch it and it is…
Did I use cheat codes and forget or something?
Anyway, thy name shall be Vorpal Bunny.

4. You come to the first town and heal your pokemon. A bug trainer comes up and says he wants to battle. his pokemon are... (pick two bug type pokemon)
Vivillon and Larvesta
Larvesta?! D8
*forgoes the battle in favor of taking a shovel and swiftly applying it to the back of the bug trainer's head and fleeing with the fire-buggy*

5. Out on the second route, a youngster sees you. Battle!
*decimates with my hacked babies*

6. Next town! There's a water gym here. You fight through the gym trainers and get to the gym leader! what are her pokemon? (pick two water types)

Seaking, Suicune
If I win can I ride on the water puppy's back like a horsie...? :iconiwantitplz:

7. You have won! starting to go out of town your rival shows up. He wants to battle. (write down his first pokemon and then pick another)

Garbodor, Swirlix
At least he is trying to cover up that awful smell with something sweet. :/

8. You win. Outside of town there's a house where someone offers to give you a pokemon. What is it?
Awwwwwww...I shall call him Squishy. 8D
He shall be mine and he'll be my Squishy. >w<

9. On the next route, you meet a grunt of the evil team here trying to steal a little boy's pokemon. He tells you to scram, but instead you battle! (Pick two dark types.)
Absol, Drapion
Let's kick some booty, Squishy. >:c

10. You beat him and he runs off. You reach the next city, where a normal type gym reigns. Battling through, you reach the gym leader. What are his pokemon? (2 normal types)
Hoothoot, Apiom
.... This is a Gym Leader?  Dude, you need to get yourself some hacks. It's what everyone else is doing.

11. Win! Onto the next town! On the next route, a hex maniac offers to guide you through the mountain in front of you, with a battle. (pick two ghost types)
Ageislash (sheild), Golett
I know of a Gym Leader position that you can possibly fill.

12. On the way through the mountain you meet your next pokemon! What is it?

Is this karma for making fun of my rival's Garbodor? Dx
Baaaaaaahhh... Okay, Mildew, let's get going. =^=

13. Next town and it has a ghost gym! You've gotten to the gym leader and she has... (pick three ghost types)
Banette-Mega, Golurk, Trevenant
That last Gym Leader was just a disgrace, really.  All the other Leaders of Legends or Megas on their sides.
14. You've won and are making your way through a forest. An aroma lady wants to battle! (three grass types)
Chikorita, Phantump, Lilligant
How pretty~
They all shall burn...

15. Heading to the town, you meet with the evil team again! They're trying to steal an ancient relic; you need to battle the admin! (Three dark types)
Houndour, Zorua, Inkay
I want to snuggle them all, yes, I shall defeat them with love and huggies~ >w<

16. You've won, but they make off with the relic. In the next town, there's no gym, but your rival wants to battle! (first two pokemon and pick two more.)
Garbodor, Swirlix, Gallade, Tyrantrum
I can just imagine Gallade charging into battle on that Tyrantrum. xD

17. On the next route, a lass would like to battle. (pick 2, I guess...?)
Greninja, Avalugg
Careful Greninja!  Don't get too close to the Avalugg or your tongue might get stuck to it. Dx

18. The next town has a dark type gym! You reach the gym leader and he has... (3 dark types)
Deino, Shiftry, Mightyena
Compared to the other leaders, you are the second worst so far.

19. On the way to the next city, you have to pass through a desert. There, you catch your next pokemon.
I dub thee 'Murica.

20. You've reached the city! They have a gym, but before you can go in, your rival appears! (First four pokemon and one more)
Garbodor, Swirlix, Gallade, Tyrantrum, Mudkip
So I hear you like-- B)

21. You go into the gym and find it loves fire here. Reaching the gym leader, he has... (3 fire types)
Darumaka, Pyroar, Simisear
Okay.  Maybe only two of this region's leaders are a cheaters and the rest are legit. 

22. Win! You end up surfing on the next route and run into a fisherman. (4 water types)
Gastrodon, Totodile, Barboach, Wailord
Three tinies and one FREAKING HUGE mama. Dx
Can my next Pokemon be Skitty?

23. Next city is overrun with the evil team! You need to kick this admin's butt! (4 poison types)
Nidorino, Ariados, Venusaur-Mega, Oddish
Flower head is the only impressive thing here.
*burns them all*

24. You've run them out and you're onto the gym! Electric types reign here! (4 electric types)

Electabuzz, Eelektross, Heliolisk, Flaaffy

25. Time to go north to an icy town! As you walk through some snow on the route, you meet an ace trainer! (3 pokemon)
Dodrio, Numel, Heatran
I should have shaved that Flaaffy when I had the chance to make a sweater for all this cold weather going on, but your Heatran will do a good job keeping me warm~ c:

26. As you reach the city, you see the team on the mountain above the snow covered city. You can't go up until you beat the gym, though. Fight the ice! (4 ice types)
Delibird, Beartic, Cloyster, Bergmite
Give me the goods, Santa Birdy. I wants presents. :stare:

27. As you climb the mountain to stop the team, you're stopped by a hiker. (3 rock types)

Aerodactyl-Mega, Cranidos, Shuckle
Stop being such a butt and let me throuuuuuuuuugh... I have to save the world. Dx

28. You reach the top to find the team trying to raise an evil force! You must stop them by defeating the boss! (2 dark, 2 poison)
Purrloin, Malamar, Nidorino, Gengar
After fighting lots of megas and a few ledgendaries my reaction to the climax of this story is "meh." =^=

29. You defeat them and head into warmer climates for the last city. Along the way, you catch one more friend!

Now, let's go Sketch some legendary moves, Sinclair.  There must be a few legends ahead to fight...

30. The last gym is grass type gym!(4 grass types)
Serperior, Jumpluff, Gogoat, Meganium
Most formidable looking gym I have seen in a while.

31. Time for the Pokemon league! As you go in, a Dragon trainer pops out! (2 dragon types)
Zweilous, Noivern

32. Farther in, a woman offers you a trade. Will you accept? *optional*
YES! I'll give you my smelly Grimer if you give me that! I dub thee Atlantis. Dx

33. As you near the exit, your rival shows up. And of course, he wants to battle. (First five and one more)
Garbodor, Swirlix, Gallade, Tyrantrum, Mudkip, Scatterbug
Your selection got impressive but now it's just like meh. :/

34. healing up, you start your E4 challenge. First up is a Rock master! (5 rock types)
Crustle, Roggenrola, Nosepass, Boldore, Lileep
This guy is in the Elite Four? Seriously???

35. Next is the Psychic Master! (5 psychic types)
Girafarig, Medicham-Mega, Meloetta, Mr. Mime, Xatu
This is a much better selection and HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HECKIE IS UP WITH THE MEDICHAM!?! DX

36. Ground master is next! (5 ground types)

Golurk, Sandile, Piloswine, Mamoswine, Quagsire

37. And last before the champion... the Steel master! (5 steel types)
Klefki, Shieldon, Metagross, Probopass, Ferroseed

38. And the champion is... a flying type master. To your battle station! (6 flying types)
Drifblim, Staravia, Mantyke, Starly, Tornadus

39. You've won! write down your pokemon and their nicknames if they have any!
You can tell I stopped caring about this meme when I stopped making little comments.  Now here is my team~ |D

Mega-Alakazam (Merlin)
Kyurem-White (Vorpol Bunny)
Reuniculus (Squishy)
Grimer (Mildew)
Bravary ('Murica)
Smeargle (Sinclar)
Golurk (Atlantis)

Hey, Mom!  I'm calling to let you know that I'm coming home from Grandma's now.
Yeah, her house was surpirsingly easy to break into.  Especially since she just left her door open for random strange people like me to walk in.
Yeah!  Lots of fun!  We did puzzles and made this chocolate/marshmallow thing that must have been at least a foot long that was full of nuts and pepperment stuff.  I had at least 3/4ths of that thing along with hot chocolate that had a small mountain of marshmallows in it.
Oh yeah.  I was silently screaming inside the whole time I was sitting still while doing that puzzle.  And-- Wait, what's this sticker doing on my car?  Where did this thing come from?  Anyway, one of Grandma's neighbors was doing the puzzle with us and we disscussed how Frosty the Snowman must have not cared about his life, may have been a pedophile, and that Rudoph must have been gay.  I mean, when you have been listening to Christmas songs on Pandora for hours on end, hearing different versions of the same song the whole time, you start to think about the lyrics a little, and--
Oh wait.  This isn't my car.
*starts laughing*
No, mom, I'm fine, really.  I've just been too focused on talking to you this whole time that I didn't notice that this similarly shaped car was not mine.  I just forgot that I parked somewhere different than usual since my normal parking space was taken.
No really, mom. I can drive home fine.  I'll just run around for a bit before I get in the car.  I--
Yes, I haven't stopped laughing this whole time, but it's just that it took me a full minute to realize that sticker wasn't on my car and--
Yes, mom.  I'll stay the night at Grandma's tonight.
Yes, yes I'm turning back right now. I'm going to stay the night, don't worry.
Okay, goodnight.  I love you~

Gods damn it. I was so close to getting home tonight.  Ah well... I have my DS and that puzzle to work on, so I shall not be bored tonight. xD

Just to carify....
I had too much sugar.
It made me unfit for driving tonight apparently. =w=
Baby Mari avatar by DreamingMystic
Baby Mari avatar

Just felt like having a baby avatar of Marionette for RP purposes.
Namely because I currently hate my current default RP icon for her and it's easy enough to adjust the baby meme pic for an icon.

Marionette (c) mine
Litwick (c) Nintendo
Snuggles Pet Meme by DreamingMystic
Snuggles Pet Meme

So! Guess who finally got around to doing the pet meme she had been putting off since summer! :icontardyayplz:
That's right...~ ^w^
This girl. |D

Canon wise, I'm going to say that Snuggles has been around since the students came back from St. Mortiel.
I mean, just because I've been a lazy lump doesn't mean that the little guy had to get lost in the mail or something. xD

It's also 2:30 am.
Why did I do this so late? I'm sooooooo freaking tired... orz


Name: Snuggle-Bug Also sometimes just called "Snuggles"

Pokemon: Joltik

Gender: Male

Owner: Marionette Jacobs

Nature: Relaxed

Characteristic: Takes plenty of siestas 

Ablity: Compound Eyes

Moves: Electroweb, Spiderweb, String Shot, Bug Bite

--- Marionette met Snuggles when she went on that school trip to the farm, Jewelstone Ranch, while she was taking care of some Mareep for her Zoology assignment.
--- Named in honor of another Joltik pet that she knew back in her old town.
--- Is just like a Rag-doll Cat.  He follows Marionette around EVERYWHERE whenever he gets the chance and goes limp when you pick him up.
--- In fact, that's how they bonded at the ranch. Snuggle-Bug would just randomly appear wherever Marionette turned up.
--- Also has the habit of following Marionette around, settling down to take a nap when she stops, and then wakes up to follow her again when she starts moving again.  Moves, follows, stops, sleeps, and repeat.
--- In comparison to Marionette, Snuggles is about the size of a large dog, going up to about hip level.
--- He's mostly fluff though, and makes a great bed buddy/pillow to sleep with~

Pictures from Jewelstone Ranch:
Farm Zoology Assignment (first meeting)
Egg Snuggler (example of napping)
Brushie Time (bonding time~)


Snuggle-Bug (c) Mine
Joltik (c) Pokemon
Meme (c) :iconpowerwing-amber:


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