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Lesson 6: Sand Castle Jubilee by DreamingMystic
Lesson 6: Sand Castle Jubilee

So I'm late.
Monkey was nice enough to give me a day's extension (cause I'm a derp who thought she had an extra day and 6 hours to get this done, but nope! The group is on England time and some other stuff) so thank you again for that, Adam~ c:

So! What the fuck is this?
Well, way back in June I asked for cameos for two separate pictures I had planned.  One where Annabelle and friends work together to build an epic huge sand castle for all to enjoy, and the second one was people partying inside the courtyard of the completed sand castle.

I... put this off for too long.  So I only had time to do one picture.
And what did I do?  I took every cameo people gave me and stuffed them all into a single picture!  It's not as colorful as I'd like it to be (I don't really like dark shadow smudgy things) but it will do~
So let's get started on pointing out all 15 cameos, starting from the top left, shall we~ xD


Annabelle (c) Mine: Annabelle is playing her violin to provide music for the party.  She used to do this all the time when she worked in a tavern back home, so she is very capable in providing jolly songs for everyone to dance to.

Wyatt (c) :icondapuffster: : Wyatt is rather fond of petting his girlfriend's head, so here he is making the girl purr with contented delight with his petting.  He's also talking to Brandon, who helped them plan the castle earlier today.

Brandon (c) :iconsubstituteinstitute: : Brandon was originally supposed to help plan the architecture of the castle, so here he is marveling at his plans come to life as he compares them to the blue prints in his hands.  He's also rather fond of talking to people who speak elegantly, like Annabelle, so I'd imagine he'd have a nice time talking to Wyatt.

Robin (c) :iconmonkeykinghero: : Robin, the blind Snivy, was supposed to help design the castle's aesthetics.  They gave her a whole wing to work with and... it's currently closed down due to how horrific the wing looks.  It's not for the faint of heart, but no one wanted to tell Robin this.  So there's just a sign out front warning others to enter at their own risk. Anyway, here she is petting something soft.

Darcya (c) :iconbloodyngore: : Interestingly enough, I didn't have any notes for what Darcya was supposed to do in the build the castle picture.  I suspect she would have helped build stuff, but instead here she is playing with some Swinub.  She seemed like the type to enjoy that, so I gave her two to interact with~

Lewis (c) :iconpumpkinskyline: : Speaking of Swinub, why are they here and why are they all over?  Well they belong to the Pawnard there.  I was told he had an army of them, so I thought that after helping out with digging and stuff all day they'd like to relax at the party too, so have some cute all over the place~

Aran (c) :iconsolsticeholt: : the one cameo that was not requested to me.  Since I needed musicians I thought Aran would like to play the song of her people for the crowd~

Seiya (c) :iconluckyryo: : the Dragonair that volunteered to be Aran's drum.  He seems to be humming along with the beat.

Sam (c) :iconboo-senpai: : She be dancing.  I would have put her (and a few others) in her swimsuit, but I forgot to check the "Swimsuit Contest" entrees to see if people already made their characters some.  So oops.

Piper (c) :iconbunnai: : Another dancer.  Seems like she found a Swinub to rock out with~

Jop (c) :iconrakadishu: : Looks like this Lickatongue knows how to play a mean saxophone.  Seems like he may be getting into it~

Hirota (c) :iconrakadishu: : This guy was supposed to be moving heavy things during the castle's construction, so I thought he might get in the mood to show off his strength.  Whether it's in character for him to show off or not I don't know. ;w;

Kaguya (c) :iconcaramelcreampuff: : So this girl was supposed to make and/or steal furniture for the castle.  So here she is sitting on one of the chairs she stole.  In all the pictures she's been in, this girl has been chill as fuck and I love it.  I couldn't help but imagine her being like this, so I'm sorry if this is out of character too.  At least she looks nice in her battle armor bikini :'D

Florence (c) :iconspashai: : Oops.  A boyfriend is falling on her.

Iroh (c) :iconmonkeykinghero: : OOPS. LOOK WHERE HE'S FALLING. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA pillow heaven awaits you, young one

Chase (c) :iconlazy-a-ile: : The shirtless ice-type who dances with fire.... I am okay with this.  He looks awesome.


All bathing suit designs I did not come up with myself belongs to their respective owners.
And may I now forever remember this lesson:
Put a damn cap on how many cameos I ask for. |D
Foxy Love by DreamingMystic
Foxy Love

So Annabelle has a boyfriend.
She's had a boyfriend for a long while now.
They've been a couple ever since that trip to Yers (before all that shit with the war went down.  Though they did fight their own battle of sorts before they got together that helped them bond a bit.)
I'll give you a clue: it involves dolls.  Demonic, possessed dolls.  Old time watchers might have an idea as to what I'm talking about~ xD

Anyway, Annabelle is very much happy with her dear Dreamweaver, Wyatt, and so far have proven to be a very excellent couple~
Something I found she (and her semi-sentient tails) likes to do is wrap a tail around Wyatt's.  It's like her version of holding hands, and she tends to get very embarrassed and/or flustered when it's pointed out.
By anyone.
Yes, even if Wyatt asks.
Namely because she knows it's not a standard show of affection and that some might find it weird or at least a little odd.

These two have done quite a bit of growing together, especially Wyatt.  He's had quite a bit of character development because of her, so they have been very fun to RP together and I hope for many more stories and adventures out of these two~ ^w^
And possibly lots more fluff pictures too~ >w<

Both my babies have ended up with shiny foxes as their boyfriends.  How?  How did this coincidence occur?  I didn't do it on purpose, I swear.  The characters just clicked and the RPing was fun.  How they both managed to be shiny foxes full of fluff I have no idea.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Annabelle (c) Mine
Wyatt Augustin III (c) :icondapuffster:
Optional Lesson II - Keldz Nap Time by DreamingMystic
Optional Lesson II - Keldz Nap Time

So for this optional lesson Annabelle is to do some relax time hanging out with one of the other Keldz students.
Obviously Annabelle is going to want to hang with Florence since they're roomies n' stuff, so I drew them napping in some of the recreational room's furniture thingies.

I'm going to be honest here
The whole reason why Keldz has cubby holes in its walls is because of Annabelle.  She loves burrowing and dens and other things she can crawl into and curl up for a nap or to just hide since she's a bit more in tune with her feral side than most anthros.
So Monkey be all like "Keldz must have cubbies for Annabelle," and of course I'm cool with that.  Fits in with Keldz's fondness for comfy furniture and cozy hangout spots anyway, so it's all good.

Anyway, the lights.
I could just say that I like the idea of Keldz having nightlights to light up the rec room at night, and that those night lights is actually a kind of pink mist with tiny lights in them to simulate a dream world kind of feeling, buuuuuuuuut...
The picture just looked a tad too boring, so I threw them in. >w<;
Enjoy~ xD

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Annabelle (c) Mine
Florence the Sassmin (c) :iconspashai:
The Littliest Mermon Stand Alone by DreamingMystic
The Littliest Mermon Stand Alone

Since a lot of people seemed to like Mermon Marinoette's design I decided to put the meme pic up as it's own picture.
I like this background for her much better~ ^w^

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine

Dragons or Vampires? Who's more awesome? >D 

23 deviants said DRAGONS!!!!:iconepiclaplz:
5 deviants said VAMPIRES!!!!:iconlawooplz:
4 deviants said Please comment as to "why".:icondragontail1:



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