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Selena Solaris
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Life is a story, so write it well.


The Thing by DreamingMystic
The Thing
spots the thing
looks at the thing
looks closer at the thing
thinks about touching the thing
touches the thing
the thing scares her
looks at the thing again
crawls back to the thing for another look
studies the thing
pokes the thing happily
claims the thing hers and drags it back home to never know freedom again


Just a.... thing... that popped into my mind the other day and I thought it was cute.
It displays some of Annabelle's personality traits nicely I do believe (caution, curious, and skittish at least), and it shows how effective her enchanted cloak is at hiding her tails when activated.
And the whole Extrasensory sticking to walls and ceilings kind of thing too.

Also, I decided that her cloak will have ears.
It just looked weird that you would see a snout but no ears. |D

Also need to update Annabelle's App thing with a "playful" personality trait.  I just keep seeing her doing things like this and doing witty banter.  You know, just playing either physically or mentally.

Don't know what else to say. Namely because me and my brother are listening to a podcast and I can't think of what to write very well.  Even now it's a struggle and I cringe at just how incoherent this stuff must sound in comparison to my usual writing, so I hope you enjoy this~ xD

Annabelle (c) Mine
Ninetales (c) Nintendo
Annabelle Knight App 1.0 by DreamingMystic
Annabelle Knight App 1.0

Just look at my girl.
All curled up for a nap.
It's going to take a while to get her and her app ready all the way, so she's taking a snooze in the mean time~ c:
So many fluffy tails, oh my. I love them, they are so fun to draw 'n stuff yeee. >w<

Aaaaand now you know which group I'm trying to get Annabelle in.
Any and all assistance in helping to refine and develop this application is appreciated, especially by those who may already be in PKMN-Knight-Academy who will have a better idea as to what the group may want and/or allow.  Any suggestion is welcomed, from personality, to hobbies, to her history, so don't be shy~

Some things are likely to change once I ask the mods about move use and the sniper class, but I think they'll be okay.  Might even add some more things if something else occurs, but that will be for another day~
Also, there be some bracketed notes in bold scattered about.  They are things I haven't quite decided on yet and are there to remind me about them for later reference, so don't mind them too much.


Name: Annabelle ??Evergreen??Rosary?? ((Last name suggestions would be appreciated, even to just get my mind thinking about things that I wouldn't normally consider.))

Gender: Female

Pokémon Species: Ninetales*

Birthday: April 9th 1997 (18)

 5' 5" feet / 165 cm

Weight: 115 lb / 52 kilogram

Bullet; Green Patient
    "Having patience is an important virtue for a hunter. A good deal of time spent during a hunt is waiting for the right moment for that perfect shot, tracking prey that may be hours away, or just sitting in one spot all day waiting for the prey to come to you.  I've found that I can have a great deal of this trait with such situations, although it seems it doesn't always translate in full when I'm interacting with people.  They can be difficult sometimes to deal with after all."

Bullet; Green Dreamer/Contemplative
    "I daydream a bit.  Sometimes I like to find someplace high and maybe quiet and just think as I look at everything. Be it the sky, the mountains, a stream, people doing things... It's nice to just lose yourself in your thoughts every so often."

Bullet; Green Quiet
    "I tend to not talk unless I need to.  Honestly I'd rather watch and observe things as I develop my own thoughts. Not much point in jumping into something unless I have something to say, especially if what's happening is already entertaining enough."

Bullet; Yellow Curious
    "I tend to wander away from whatever I am doing if I spy something that interests me.  It can be anything really; an item, a person, an event...  doesn't matter so long as it is something possibly intriguing for me to investigate."

Bullet; Yellow Skittish
    "Oh dear, this is a bit embarrassing for me... Sudden or loud noises or even movements tend to provoke a reflex from me where I either run or jump... Sometimes to high places too... Like the ceiling...  I've gotten better with it over the years ever since I first started doing that, so it's not like I'm nervous nor high-strung anymore, but catch me when I'm not really paying attention to the world and sometimes I still end up using that reflex."
    "You don't even have to do much of anything really. I mean, one time I opened the door with my mother standing there and I... L-look, it was a dark hallway and I saw a silhouette of something that wasn't supposed to be there, s-so it's very understandable okay?!"

Bullet; Yellow Cautious:
    "This trait came about too at the same time as the skittish one.  I like to make sure things are okay before I proceed to doing something basically.  Better to be safe than sorry I suppose."

Bullet; Red Greedy
    "I... Like to collect things...  That isn't so bad, is it?  I just love my trinkets and all things that are shiny and pretty~  My brother likens me to a hoarder and I... suppose most of my items gathered don't really get used... and can take up a lot of space... But why would I ever want to get rid of them?  They have such amazing decorating potential!  You should see my room back home; it looks wonderful and so colorful~"
    "So, if you find a lovely little trinket somewhere without an owner to be found just remember... It's mine.  I call dibs."

Bullet; Red Vain
    "I wouldn't really call myself vain.  I just like to make sure I look the best I can.  I mean... just look at all this white fur; dirt simply shows up too readily on it and I would look awful and unkempt if I don't groom it often enough.  Doesn't mean I don't mind getting dirty when I have to, mind you; I do go running through the forest quite frequently after all.  Just don't expect me to go treaking through mud if I don't have to!  It's already hard enough keeping my tails brushed and tangle free without that stuff mucking everything up."

Bullet; Red Vindictive
    "It's a common trait among my species, although I'm happy to say that it's not nearly as bad as it could be.  Some Ninetales will hold a grudge for centuries or even enact a terrible act in retribution...  All I've ever done is play little pranks to get even and leave it at that.  Although I shall admit, no one has ever given me reason to do more."


Journal # xxx, volume XV
Date xx/xx/xxxx

-- just activate this stone here and... Ah!  Wonderful, it works!

    Ahem... Testing, 1, 2, 3... 1, 2, 3...  Such a quick little pen you are.  Great Grandmama must have also enchanted you for swiftness for you to write like this.  You shall be most useful as I pack my things; I can't very well write tonight's entry at the same time as I gather my belongings, now can I?  And I've got to get up so early tomorrow too...
....... Are you going to write down absolutely everything I say?  Hmm... well, alright then.  Now, let me think...

    Today has been a fairly average day for the most part thus far.  I did my chores and bought a few things from the market for mother as per usual, although I didn't do any hunting today.  Father said that I shouldn't be spending my last day at home off in the woods by myself; that our larder is full enough to afford missing least one day of gathering.  I was a bit peeved at this since I wanted to say goodbye to the forest one last time, but I suppose I'll just have to do that on my way towards the academy instead.  Besides, it probably would be a good idea to save what remaining arrows I have left; who knows how good the Fletcher at the academy will be?  Probably really good, but I'd rather have arrows I'm familiar with during my first week or two there.

    ...Siiigh...  You know, little pen?  It just fully dawned on me that this will probably be the last time I see this place for a very long time to come... This village nestled among the forested mountains of Tora...  I've lived here in Willow Rede all my life and know these surrounding lands like the back of my hand and... I think I shall miss them.  Going to the Academy will surely grant me the ability to see new and wondrous things, but I think I shall miss the familiarity of these trees and buildings...

    But still!  Opportunity it shall grant!  I'll be able to do more than just hunt for the rest of my life and even help people too.  I might even finally be able to learn some magic going to such a school~
Or, well... at least figure out how to do it without it being so hard...  I have the most difficult time casting even the basic of basic spells.  It's a bit frustrating really, especially when there are so many other spell casters in my family.  The healers at the temple were especially inspiring when I was little.  Using their magic to heal wounds to almost perfect health in an instant, tending to those in need with their spells... I very much liked assisting them help others when I was such a young little lass.
    I would very much like to do real magic like them, but I suppose it just can't be helped...  The healers say its probably because I evolved so young in my life that I have a hard time getting my tails to relinquish their power to me.  I suppose this is what I get for being so curious as a toddler.  Mother said that she should have known to have hidden that Fire Stone better once she figured out just how much I loved to climb all over everything, but I suppose she didn't expect a tiny three-year-old to find a way up to the top of the cabinet.

    Ah well, I'll figure it out one day.  I've got a very long life to live after all, and I've got my moves and bow to aid me in the meantime.  Great Grandmama says that any move with the right knowledge and dedication can be just as good as its corresponding magic, especially psychic moves.  I think she just told me that mostly to cheer me up, but I shall admit I've been able to do quite a few neat things with my Extrasensory after much practice.  I can walk along walls and ceilings, control my fire fairly easily, and I'm even starting to figure out how to return my Energy Ball's power back to the earth to help plants grow a bit.  I feel a bit proud about that, although I bet the same kind of things can be accomplished with entry level spells.  What I've figured out how to do in years with precise control a novice wizard could probably learn how to do in a week after reading a text book.
Well, like I said.  It's frustrating, but one day I'll--

    Oh wait, where's the extra string for my bow?  I thought I put them... no, how about over here?  How about... Hmm?  Awww... I just found my little toy bow.  It's so small~
This was... the first bow I've ever gotten I do believe.  My father took me out with him and the other hunters on hunting trips frequently ever since I was able to walk.  Oh how I loved playing with this thing; I would try to imitate the other hunters as they messed with their own bows according to Father.  Probably made me feel like a big girl, although I wasn't allowed my own real bow till I was older.
It was hard to kill anything back then too.  My giant, white tails made me stick out like a sore thumb and scared everything away.  If I hadn't learned to shoot from farther and farther away as I got better with my aim I probably would have never caught anything in all my years of hunting.

    I also grew a fondness for sneaking around from that.  You have to be quiet and stealthy to be a good hunter and I just love being able to get around without anybody noticing~
I would climb buildings, take back alleyways, jump from tree to tree, all just so that I might hear someone state their perplexity as to how I could get around town without being seen.  It's amazing really considering just how much I stick out with my tails, but I managed to do well for myself~
Although... some of the adults got a bit peeved in the past whenever they found me watching them work.  I think they might have found me following them around from the shadows to be a tad creepy or at least annoying, but honestly, I just liked watching them work.  Made me think that if I studied them long enough I could maybe do their jobs too.

    Hrmmmm... Oooh honestly, where could it be?  I just had it.  Did I maybe--? BOO!
Hahahaha!  I got big sister to jump really high again!  That's what you get for messing with me earlier~
How long have you been hiding in that trunk?  You know you're not supposed to... Is that my string?
My string now.  Byyyyyye!
Hey!  Wait a minute, come back!  Give me back my string!

    Oh that little imp!  He knows just how skitterish I can be!  Least I was able to get him back with tickles; makes him surrender and submit within the first two minutes if my fingers are quick enough.
Siiiigh... I suppose he doesn't know any better though.  He is much too young to remember when I failed to return from that one hunting trip many years ago.  It was the first time I was allowed to go off on a hunt by myself.  It was wonderful...  I got to explore farther than I ever could with the adults and I loved every minute of it.  Or at least the parts before I managed to encounter myself a [insert Pokemon or a pack of Pokemons here]...  They tore up my back and it took me days to crawl my way back home.  My nerves since then have never been quite the same; I spook too easily now if I'm not paying enough attention, but I suppose I got off easy.  Many a men have died from such attacks... I just came out of it with some unsavory scars and a perchance for jumping onto the ceiling when startled.

    Hmm... I think that's about it.  I've rambled on long enough and I've got to put more focus on packing if I wish to be finished before the gathering begins.  Everyone insists upon a farewell party before I leave, although I suspect they won't let me play my violin like I do at all the other festivals and whatnot... I'm sure to be a boring guest of honor if that'll be the case.  I started playing because mother and father kept fussing about me doing nothing but sit and watch everyone else dance and mingle during such events.  Mind you, I rather enjoy just watching everyone else, but--
Hmm... well anyway, I need to get to packing.  I might write more about the party later, but I can't make any guarantees. 

Until the next entry, dear journal...
Blessed be.

--- Collecting little trinkets, or just about any item she likes, that she finds lying around.
--- Reading up on science books that could possibly help her figure out how to better use her moves to aid her in battle.
--- Medical books too to help her know where to hit her enemies and how to patch up her friends.
--- Parkour.  She be climbing and running all over the place; high spots are a favorite of hers.
--- Playing the violin.  She mostly knows jovial songs used at festivals, but has a soft spot for the quieter and soothing variety.
--- Grooming may as well be one with how much maintenance her fur needs.  So much fluff, so little time, and she brushes at least twice a day.
--- Cartography.  Loves making maps of everything, yes she does. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Like maybe your room, oops.
--- Hunting (duh)
--- Archery (DUH)
--- People watching basically.  It's an entertaining thing to do as she lets her mind wander. Though she doesn't always watch from somewhere obvious where people can see her so there's a chance it can be a tad creepy.
--- Meditation to help better understand and control the power of her moves. Or just to relax.
--- Exploring.  Even if its in places she's not supposed to be in.
--- Getting from point A to point B without being seen or noticed.

House: Keldz

Weapon: Bow, arrows, hunting knife, and a variety of poisons
--- Bow is based on a reflex bow when unstrung.  This allows for it to be carried around on the waist and can be quickly strung up for battle with the help of Extrasensory. ((subject to change as I develop the weapon and it's practicality for being being carried unstrung due to size.))
--- Has regular piercing arrows and blunted ones.  The blunted ones would be used more so for practice fights since Annabelle is hesitant to hurt her comrades, but even a well placed blunted strike has its uses in certain situations so she keeps at least some on her just in case.
--- Keeps a knife strapped to her thigh in the event that someone gets too close for comfort for a bow to be of any practical use.
--- A well aimed death shot is not always an option; the armor may be too thick or the purpose is not to kill the opponent would be such examples.  However, poisons of a variety of effects ranging from lethal to irritating can be used instead.

Accessories: Cloak, pouch, and archery equipment
--- A special enchanted cloak that can hide away the large tails, and even the pointed ears, of Annabelle.  It's intended to help hide the girl from enemy troops that are smarter than the average feral.  Not everything can be hunted successfully just by staying your distance after all, especially when the prey is a person.  A long slit in the back allows for tails to be free from hiding when Annabelle wants though since it's much more comfortable that way.
--- A small pouch that's bigger on the inside.  Used to hold Annabelle's poisons and first-aid equipment, but is used predominately to hold any shiny and pretty things the fox collects.
--- Both enchanted by Annabelle's Great Grandmama and given as gifts for her 18th birthday with Academy use in mind.
--- Protective equipment for the arm and fingers when doing archery.  That string can be a real bitch if it manages to slap your arm upon release of the draw. Ouch.
--- Must give proper credit for the cloak idea to Jolly Jack.  While I had come up with the idea of a cloak doing this for Annabelle a very long time ago, before I saw his work, Jack does it too well in the way I imagined it for me to say it did not have an affect on me *sobs*.  Go read his comics, they are amazing.

Class/SubClass: Rouge / Sniper
--- Annabelle has always been good with a bow thanks to her father always taking her out on hunting trips and encouraging her to follow in his footsteps to be a great hunter.
--- She also enjoys staying out of sight.  Sneaking around without being seen makes her feel empowered in a way, like as though she can do anything.  Making the stealthier classes her top choice
--- Clean kills are important to the hunters of Willow Rede.  Showing respect to the prey that shall sustain you is imperative, so accuracy is highly prized to make the death quick if not painless.
--- Also, those freaking huge tails of hers have made sniping from a distance mandatory if she is actually going kill anything.  It's made her a pretty good long shot.

:iconpsychictypeplz: Extrasensory
:iconfiretypeplz: Flamethrower
:icongrasstypeplz: Energy Ball
:iconnormaltypeplz: Secret Power

Extras/Fun Facts: 
--- Annabelle's fur is a much paler than most other shiny Ninetales.  Her eyes are also [undecided] instead of red.
--- Has a slight British accent for whatever reason.
--- Annabelle has a great respect for the earth and many of her beliefs revolve around circles, cycles of the world and universe, and the balance between man and nature.
--- Beware the tails.  Treat them roughly in any way and they'll put a curse on you.  The kind of curse doesn't seem to have any sort of pattern to it as far as Annabelle can tell, but she does know one thing: her tails seem to think they have a sense of humor. So be nice and gentle with them if touching is necessary.
--- Oh, and the curses typically aren't permanent either.  It's mostly just a natural self-defense mechanism to help protect the tails and power inside them.
--- Annabelle is unable to use spells since all her magic power is locked away inside her nine tails.  However, her natural power to use and control her moves can be accessed without constraint.
--- Annabelle often makes use of her moves in indirect and/or atypical ways during battle, like imbuing Secret Power in her arrows or knife, using Extrasensory to raise a rock wall from the ground for cover, etc. 
--- Extrasensory in particular is a great favorite of Annabelle's to use.  If used right, the move can allow the fox to jump high, stick to ceilings and walls, and even slide along the ground effortlessly and quietly.
--- Secret Power is typically taught to all the hunters of Willow Rede.  It makes a rather nice if not basic shelter during long hunting trips or in case of an emergency.
--- Has scars all along her back thanks to an incident during her first lone hunting trip.  While the healers would have been able to fix her up without leaving scars normally, the days spent getting back home allowed the wounds to heal normally too much for that to be an option.
--- Loves massages.  Especially back massages.  She'll love you forever if you give her a good one.
--- "If it harm none, do what ye will" is the moral code of the people of Willow Rede.  So if Annabelle believes that something won't hurt somebody she is likely to do it.  Even if the particular activity may be illegal. Like trespassing.
--- No shiny object is safe.  None of them.  They all shall be hers. ALL OF THEM.
--- Annabelle's favorite type of trinket to hoard collect is anything and everything to do with clocks.  Especially the old fashioned kind; she is even trying to teach herself how to fix them~ 
--- The way Annabelle was taught to hunt is focused on maintaining the health and stability of the prey population, so as to insure that there will be prey to hunt for in the future.  This means only hunt the sick, old, and wounded just like any other predator, and use every part so that nothing goes to waste.  
--- Her tails are a G-spot though, so I mean what
--- If Annabelle were to drink sake would be her favorite alcoholic beverage. The kind you heat up and burns when it goes down your throat.
--- Is a great admirer of Lindsey Stirling (or whoever would be the universe's equivalent) and likes to copy her style with the violin.  Although Annabelle likes to spin and travel a bit more than her.…
--- Keeps a daily journal.  Actually has ALL of her journals that she made ever since she was five (suggesting that her hoarding extends to more than just pretty trinkets.)  No peeking!
--- Annabelle's Great Grandmama is a AU Marionette so shhhhhh...

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Annabelle (c) Me
Special thanks to me buddy :iconslamer165: for helping me figure out Annabelle's personality for all the various groups I thought about having her join. Thanks for putting up with it~ ;w;/

Annabelle Concept 1 by DreamingMystic
Annabelle Concept 1
Well now, what's this?  This isn't Marionette.  This thing is white and fluffy, not small and squishy.
Yep.  After drawing absolutely nothing but Marionette for more than a year I finally upload something else.

Say hello to a very old but revamped character of mine named Annabelle Rosary, Evergreen, <Last name I have not decided on>.  She turns three this month, as I had fist drawn pictures of her in a tiny sketch book dedicated only to her during Spring Break of 2012.  I managed to fill the thing completely going from one direction during that break and now I am working to fill it completely going the other way.  If you look back in my gallery far enough and in my scraps section you can see some pictures of her from when I first started digital art~

So why has she returned now? With a new design nonetheless?
Well, I'm going to try joining a new group with her.  Armonia is... nice... but I need to get away from it, or at least stop focusing all my RP attention on it and get some relief.  Also doesn't help that the group doesn't provide too much of an incentive to draw for it anymore.  Draw for friends, yes.  Draw for my own story building of Marionette, yes.  But for the group itself not so much anymore.

Anyway, new group.
It's next opening isn't scheduled for a long time to come, so I'm going to spend all that time refining Annabelle, from her clothes to her back story, so that way when it is opening day she will be perfect and get in no problem.

I would very much like any and all critiques and suggestions that would come to mind that could perhaps make Annabelle better.  For any and all pictures I submit of her from this day forth until she is in the group.
For now with this picture I'd like some advice with her physical appearance since all the personality and history stuff is still being refined.
Special points I'd like advice on are:
--- Her eyes (I hate the red eyes for the shiny Ninetales, so here be some colors I'm considering.)
--- Her last name (I can't think of one so far that I'm happy with.)
--- Her boots (They look well enough, but I'm not sure if I like it 100% yet.)
--- Her cloak (Not 100% satisfied with this either.  Also, it's an enchanted cloak that hides her tails and ears which is why you don't see them here.)

So anyway, more pics of Annabelle are to come, be it sketches or colored things like this that will look at her clothes and other items.  I'll post her written information as soon as I can so that I might possibly get feed back on it.
And if you guys manage to guess which group I'm going to try to join.... I'll give you a plate full of cookies~ >w> :cookie:

Ninetales (c) Nintendo
Annabelle (c) Mine

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