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If it's got one of my character in it, it's here~ c:

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Holy crap 

3 deviants said But seriously, thank you. I just feel like I'm just going to waste it all away by doing nothing productive with it. ;w;
2 deviants said Curse you anonymity, let me hug this person because crap they too nice for me
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Selena Solaris
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Life is a story, so write it well.


Getting the green light to go in, Marionette instantly dashed off into the maze, excited to try to find her way through.
At first, the little Litwick wished she had thought to put her candle flame out before entering, as she was concerned that knowing where everyone's soul was would give her an unfair advantage as to where the exit might be.  However the girl soon realized that this maze was simply too massive for her to locate where the proper path to get to the end would be, and thus felt reassured that it shouldn't effect her performance.
....... At least for the most part.

Sensing friends nearby, the little Litwick would find herself being automatically drawn to the direction of their souls in this otherwise confusing world of towering wooden walls and open sky.
Marionette would have been more concerned with this tendency, but after a while of chasing after one Meowstic soul the tiny ghost decided that indulging this attraction wouldn't be too different from just picking a random direction at a fork in the road.  At least this way there was some method in choosing a path and it was a rather enjoyable pass time too.  Every time she got close enough, the tiny girl would always start letting out squees of joy and greeting and hug the wall to send them her love.
Unfortunately, not a single path she's taken so far has led her straight into the arms of a beloved companion, and there has yet to be any indication that they have even heard her little squeaks, but the activity has kept her spirits high during the trek through this long and winding maze.
And she certainly needs it.

Time is of the utmost importance in getting a good grade for the course.
Marionette can only hope that Coach Kitty will factor in her tiny legs into deciding her score, because there is no way she will be able to get through all of this in a timely fashion.  Still, the little ghost did her best in keeping up a good speed by keeping her running at an even pace and using her Telekinesis to skate along the ground when she can.  If she didn't have the threat of headaches looming over her with the potential over use of the move the tiny candle would most certainly be spamming the heck out of it.

Dealing with targets wasn't too problematic thankfully, although the motion sensors to activate them seem to have problems with her small size, or maybe it's just her luck.
Yes, perhaps it is just luck, as besides from one incident early on Marionette hadn't had much problem with them.  Although it was this mishap early on that taught her not to skate so fast to the blocked pathways.  The tiny girl skated faster than the dummies it seems, as she ended up on top of an innocent pop up dummy and was instantly catapulted over into a different part of the maze.  Did it save her time? Did it make her lose progress?  The ghost cannot say, but she can say that she hopes she doesn't get in trouble for it.  They are not supposed to go over the walls after all... It's not like she did it on purpose, but still it's a bit worrying as to whether or not that will affect her final score.

But yes, aside from that the encounters with the dummies had gone fairly well.
Marionette mostly relied on her Hex move in taking out enemy targets, as her aim with the bolt was pretty good and it was focused enough that it didn't have a big blast radius.  Such traits helped her keep down the possibility of accidentally hitting a civilian and allowed her to open the needed doors easily enough when they were presented.  Marionette considered perhaps using her other moves, and have used them from time to time when she felt secure in hitting a enemy dummy and no one else, but mostly she kept to using Hex to keep casualties down.  No fire attacks though; the last thing she wants to do is burn down the maze.

Much time had passed when Marionette first entered the maze...
The Litwick made small scorch marks on the ground to indicate which directions she had already gone, but even so the labyrinth has been disorienting and it felt as though she was getting nowhere.  After opening another door Marionette stopped to take a breather, wondering if she will ever make it out of this maze by her own power, but then...

Eyes growing wide, Marionette's flame flared with life as a smile appeared on her tired face.
Using Telekinesis one last time, the Litwick dashed around this way and that down the maze corridors towards a certain soul that had just come into her range of perception.  After quickly dispatching a few more dummies, Marionette peeped behind a corner with labored breaths and grew very excited at what she saw.

A fluffy gray mass.
So warm and snuggly~
Ooooooh how she just wanted to nuzzle and cuddle and give him all the kissies!  But...  he's going pretty fast.
Really fast.
Is he using Agility?  Probably... Well!  That's not much of a problem~

Taking a few steps back, Marionette got herself in a sprinting position and stood ready.
Keeping a close eye on the Zoroark's soul, the little Litwick waited for juuuuuuust the right moment and... WHOOSH!  Marionette made as fast a sprint as she possibly could on such little legs and jumped right onto the boy's oh so fluffy tail as he sped on by.  

She clinged onto the fur tightly, joyful that her little stunt worked and that she had herself a ride after walking such a distance by herself.
And what a fun ride it was too!  The girl let out a joyful series of giggles and "weeeeeeeee"s all throughout the shiny fox's move enhanced run.  The wide open space of the exit was soon reached at this point.  She had made it.

Whew... Perhaps she will just stay here in all this fluffy fur for a nap...  Just stay here as the teacher marks her off as finished and then just...
Curl up and sleep... she certainly needs a rest after all of that...
Battle Midterm: Marionette and the Maze

Oh, hey look.
I managed to poop out another one before bed.  That's nice~ : D

Decided to write for this one because... well... because Lucky did hers in writing.
Specifically the ending bit where Harlie uses Agility to get to the end was what inspired me.  I just could not get out of my head of what Marionette would have done at that moment and so here we are~ xD

Now let's see... this one should beeeeee... Number five I think.
Half way down to getting all ten done.  Wonder what the last three are going to be like... they've only released seven so far.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Harlie (c) :iconluckyryo:
Gym Midterm by DreamingMystic
Gym Midterm

*Begin Recording*

Marionette: Whew... -.-;
Okay, is it running? Okay good. > w>
Hello, Mr. Phillips.  This is Marionette Jacobs here and I have just finished my bit of exercise for the Gym Midterm project~ owo/
I... whew, excuse me... Sorry, I still need to catch my breath. -.-;
And yes, I know, I'm a ghost and I'm made of wax, but I still need oxygen for stuff.  Not stuff that will kill me if I hold my breath for too long of course, but yeah.  I can still need to catch my breath. <^<

Ahem... Anyway, moving on. >w<;
I have just finished my work out. I had decided to climb up the side of Natura Tower and am currently sitting at the very top.  You know, the tower Selva House is in.  I chose this workout thingy over running and stuff because, well, I like climbing more than running and there wasn't too much else I could think of that I could do besides those two that didn't require some kind of equipment. c:
I... suppose I could also have done some swimming, but I'm only comfortable swimming in hot water.  Cold water is just too scary... ;^;
The hot springs could have been used for that, but I was afraid I might get the camcorder wet... and I think I would have gotten in trouble if I brought a camera in there anyway. ._.;

???: Marionette, you're rambling.  Stick to the topic. >A>

Marionette: O-oh!  Right, sorry! O^O;
Err... Anyway, the tower bricks gave me plenty of hand and foot holds to work with.  I think it took more like... an hour? 45 minutes? Something like that to climb up all the way like I did.  I had Telekinesis on standby just in case I slipped and fell to save me, but thankfully I managed not to need it.  There were a few slips, but they weren't all that serious. :3

Now let me think... If I had a heart muscle thingy... it should be beating really fast after a work out, so I guess I would have stressed my... cardio? Cardiovascular system, yeah, although my... muscular system would have been more stressed I think, because I would have been using those to the max just to keep me from falling. I think the arm and chest muscles would have been used the most since they would have been pulling me up a lot. >^>
Sorry if I'm not getting this right.  It's hard to tell since I'm dead and everything, so I don't really have that kind of stuff as a reference for me to use.  I did freshen up my memory on what body stuff should have happened before all of this though, so I think I'm doing well enough. >w<;

So umm... I would like to give special thanks to my cameraman for helping me video tape my climb up the tower, so come say 'hi' to the camera~ \owo
*another Marionette suddenly pops into view*

Marionette #2???: Hi~! \^w^/

Marionette #1???: This here is one of the clones I can make with my Double Team move.  I've gotten really good at it so now I can make lots of physical clones when I need help with stuff.  Like carrying a camera for instance~ c:

Clone: Uh-huh.  The thing was pretty hefty, but I manage to carry it up the stairs in the tower when I needed to and recorded Marionette during her climb from the window ledges. :3

Marionette: I would have made more clones to help carry and hold the camera, but the assignment said that only two people max can participate in this so I didn't want to push it in case I got points subtracted for it. :'D

Clone: Oh!  Am I also supposed to say what kind of exercise I did?  Because the paper did say that the camera man had to exercise too. >o>

Marionette: I don't think so since you're just a clone of me, but... I suppose you did pretty much the same thing as me.  Climbing, so you would have used a lot of you muscular system, but you also did a lot more running around than me, so if you had a heart it probably would have been beating a lot faster than mine, so you also had more of a Cardiovascular workout. <^<

Clone: And lifting!  I had to lift up a heavy object a lot, although I guess that would have been using the muscular system too. o ^o/

Marionette: Yeah, that's true.  Anyway, I think that's about- c:

Clone: GASP!  Oh my gods, I just realized something. Dx

Marionette: What? What is it? D:

Clone: Didn't your dad say something about not doing this kind of stuff anymore? O ^O;

Marionette: EEP!  Oh my gosh you're right!  I totally forgot about that! ;A;

Clone: Quick!  Hide the evidence! \>A</

Marionette: N-no!  Don't throw the camera off the ledge! I need that! D8
*Marionette lunges for the clone as it grabs the camera and lots of tumbling occur as the camcorder falls onto it's side*
*the clone Marionette goes poof in a puff of smoke and was gone*

Marionette: What? You poofed after just a bit of wrestling?  Geez, I keep forgetting about just how fragile you Double Team Clones are... I should have made a backup clone just in case you fell down the stairs or something. =A=
Oh, wait a minute... o^o
I just remembered that Daddy only ever told me to stop jumping off buildings and stuff for skydiving fun, not for me to stop climbing them, so I should be okay~ ^w^
Well, that's it for my interview thingy, so thank you for listening and I hope I've done well enough to earn a good grade.  Byyyye~ ^w^/
*crawls up to camera and stops the recording*

*Recording Ended*


Why did I make this one next?
There are other midterms due sooner than this one. Dx
I guess I just liked the idea of doing camera effects and stuff. >w<;

But yeah, Marionette climbed the highest tower at school for a grade.  She normally does this but typically she uses it with Telekinesis to kind of catapult/fling herself up along the side of the wall to get along quicker.
Doing this kind of stuff doesn't really seem like much of a big deal to her since she's been doing it all her afterlife as a kind of neccessity, but she might get in trouble for this kind of stunt for all I know. :'D

Anyway, another midterm down.
Here's hoping I can do some more before next week.  I'd really like to work on studying for MY finals midterms after all. Dx

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Holy crap
3 deviants said But seriously, thank you. I just feel like I'm just going to waste it all away by doing nothing productive with it. ;w;
2 deviants said Curse you anonymity, let me hug this person because crap they too nice for me
1 deviant said Someone just gave me 12 months of core
1 deviant said $40 REAL LIFE DOLLARS!!!
1 deviant said *throws everything up in the air because I give up trying to figure out why people keep doing this*
No deviants said Forget that last poll
No deviants said I mean, they just spent like $40 bucks on me



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