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Rolly-Polly by DreamingMystic

[Selva] [Dreamingmystic] [360]

So Lucky said a thing in an RP about Marionette being round like a ball (because Harlie and Marionette were looking into a trick mirror) and this came to mind.
I had to draw it.
I just had to.
I mean
Just look at Marionette.
I don't think I did a very good job on Harlie, but just /look/ at Marionette.
She's adorable~


Marionette (c) Mine
Litwick and Zoroark (c) Nintendo
Harlie (c) :iconluckyryo:

Marionette's Playlist Meme by DreamingMystic
Marionette's Playlist Meme

Hey, guys! Did you know that every time I come up with a character I create a playlist on my iPod of songs they would like/sing themselves?  Ho boy... I have nearly 400 songs to choose from for this.  Here comes the top 15 songs that hold the most meaning for my Marionette~ xD
And thank you LuckyRyo for reminding me of this meme's existence.  <w<


1.)  Soaring / *Kiki's Delivery Service*
--  Pretty much the theme song for Marionette's traveling days, when she was constantly on the move from one city to the next as she searched for the Candle Maker.
--  "All alone and on (her) own..."
--  Pretty much being led by her heart towards "home."

2.)  Arrietty's Theme (English Version) / *The Secret World of Arrietty*
--  Gods damn it, copyright. All I can find are covers for this song.  Ah well... This version will have to do. =w=
--  It's a song about a tiny girl singing about how tiny she is.  What other reason do I need to put this on her playlist? xD
--  The Other Reason:  okay, the meaning for this song is part longing for someone to love and love the singer back, and part having dreams of her being bigger.  Mix it together and you get Marionette.
--  She'd like to find love someday, but being one foot tall will cause some problems with that and will make her forever worry that if she does get someone that they will eventually leave her for someone normal sized.
--  And no, I don't care if you guys are all like "love will conquer all" and crap.  Don't get me wrong, it's very lovely crap, but I'm being realistic about this and couples have broken up over stuff like this plenty times before. So yeah, my girl is going to worry whether you like it or not. =w =

3.)  Shoot Him Down / *Alice Francis*
--  Marionette has a fondness for big band and jazz music.  It's a carry over from her past life, so her play list on my iPod is littered with electro swing music (since swing evloved from jazz).
--  This one right here, Bella Belle, actually has a more personal meaning to the girl... but not for this life.  Details for that will be revealed eventually in another meme~

4.)  Power / *Kayne West*
--  This one actually doesn't have any important meaning to Marionette.  I just didn't have 15 songs that meant something personal to the girl, so here is some filler~ xD
--  But as a side note, Marionette does like music like this.  She has spent the majority of her afterlife wandering through cities, so of course she would have a taste for urban beats and the like.

5.)  Once Upon a December (Nightcored) / *Anastasia*
--  Marionette sang this song all the time the weeks before Ile finally ended up adopting her.  I think with this context in mind you can figure out why.
--  Why a nightcored version though?  Well!  This is what I imagine Marionette's voice to be like~
--  Or at least her singing voice.  I don't give enough of a crap about actors and what not to actually pay attention to their voices, so I mostly focused on songs.  And I'm still not entirely satisfied.  I'll figure out her voice one day though. Dx
--  Also, Marionette likes Nightcore.

6.)  Ceridwen and Taliesin / *Damh the Bard*
--  Sooooo... basically if Marionette chose a religion she would pagan.  Wiccan to be specific.  That is if variations of other religions are even allowed to be in the group's universe, 'cause I don't know.
--  She's not all that religious though, however the two months she spent with a village of "nature worshipers" have done a great deal of shaping her beliefs.
--  This song tells one of Marionette's favorite stories about the Sorceress (or Goddess, which ever you prefer) Ceridwen.  The song will make more sense if you actually know the story though. xD
--  Link to the story.  It's under the "ledgend" section: Click~

7.)  Dreams Dreams ~Sweet Snow~ / *NiGHTS Journey of Dreams*
--  I know that this song was made in mind for a couple and it certainly fits that kind of relationship better, buuuut...
--  This song is special in that it can be interpreted for the relationship between Marionette and her adoptive Daddy.
--  She finally "... found someone who really cares~"
--  He is the one she has been "... waiting for~"
--  In other words, the "... one (she) had been looking for..." was a dad.  Which was actually the whole point of her journey trying to find the Candle-Maker anyway.  Even if she didn't realize it at the time.

8.)  Wanderer's Lullaby / *Adriana Figueroa*
--  A lovely lullaby for my lonely little wanderer~
--  Right here with your family is where you need to be, little Marionette.  You don't need to search anymore.
--  Marionette secretly hopes that one day her adoptive mother will sing this song to her, because it basically says to the girl that the Purrugly wants her to stay with them.

9.)  The Willow Maid / *Erutan*
--  Marionette just loves songs that tell stories~
--  The singer for this one is actually another option I have for Marionette's voice.  It's good for a maturing little Litwick, no?  
--  It's also nice not having a voice option that hasn't been Nightcored. Although I still like that one more.

10.)  This Will Be the Day (RWBY) / *Jeff Williams*
--  Marionette's battle music~
--  Chosen primarily for the first few lines of the song.

11.)  Secerts / *Goddess Alchemy Project*
--  This comes from Marionette's favorite music group, the Goddess Alchemy Project.
--  Combines urban beats with pagan ideas.  So it's like... neo-paganism rap or something?  I don't know.  I just love their music~ xD

12.)  Puppet (ib) / *MrSoundlessVoice (Len)*

--  THIS... Now this one was a big surprise when I first heard it.  It has so many parallels to Marionette's history it is kinda freaky.  Of course it's not an exact fit since this song is for a game I have never played before, but almost all of it can be interpreted for the little Litwick.
--  It also doesn't help that Marionette means "little Mary." |D
--  Marionette is pretty relieved that she ended up with a happy ending though, unlike what is suggested in the song.
--  Explaining everything will take a lot of writing and space, so I think I'll just save the explanation behind this song for anyone who actually cares enough to ask.

13.)  Firebird's Child / *S.J. Tucker*
--  Oh look, Marionette's theme song~
--  No really, it's just that.  No lengthy explanation this time. I think just listening to the lyrics is sufficient enough. xD

14.)  Falling Towards the Sky (Red VS Blue) / *Jeff Williams*
--  Another filler song that Marionette likes.
--  Picked this one because the girl actually likes jumping off giant buildings and structures and things.  I mean, Telekinesis certainly helps to avoid a big old splat in the end, so why not~?
--  Also, here's a piece of the video the song goes with 'cause eeeeeeee~! (Click me please~)

15.)  Ain't No Rest for the Wicked / *Cage the Elephant*

--  Marionette met all sorts of people on her travels.  From the very best to the very worst since she likes to explore everywhere and get into everything.
--  That soul devouring flame on her head kept her safe from most of the bad though.  The dark energies those people emit from their souls kept Marionette from ever even trying to get anywhere near them.
--  However, not all thieves, crooks, and whatnot are bad people per say.  They just do what they feel they have to do to get by or take care of their family.  Not because they want to or because they like it, but because they feel they have no other option.
--  Marionette has made a handful of friends with such people over the years, helped along by her natural sweetness towards most people, even strangers.  Of course, this only works on those with enough heart left to care about the adorable little girl.  It's not like she can walk up to a cold-hearted killer and instantly make friends with them.  That's just silly. |D


Want more songs that Marionette will like?  Check her Twitter!  The girl just loves tweeting songs you can listen to ~ ^w^

Okay, just found out that other people have been having trouble with their comment notifications too, so it's good to know that they are working on it. =w=
So is anyone else not receiving notifications about comments made on pictures or journals? Not the profile page though, that one still gives me a notification; I've tested it. :c

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