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Selena Solaris
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Life is a story, so write it well.


We're Doomed by DreamingMystic
We're Doomed


Please mind the scorch marks; some of them still has a wee bit of fire burning on them. :B

Rebecca: Eeeeeeek! Fire! QAQ *gets bucket of water*

*Marionette throws a pillow at the fire in the hopes it would smother it*
*pillow bursts into flames instead*
*Marionette is too crappy and tired feeling to care and just slumps on the bed face down*

*Rebecca starts to calm as the pillow smothers it*
*Welp its on fire*
*She panics and then runs to get a bucket of water or the nearest water type*


But no water was ever found.
We're all going to die~ :dummy:

Related to: Sick Marionette

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Rebecca (c) :iconbellberrystar:

Braid Snuggle by DreamingMystic
Braid Snuggle


Today, I had to do math homework.
Murrrrrr... I hate math homework...  I'm not very good at it. I guess that's just what happens when you start taking high school math classes when you've only ever had a first grade education... and that was before I died. =^=
Still, I'm doing well enough I suppose since I'm passing and everything... and I'm not alone either! Today, me and Harlie decided to work on our math homework together since we both aren't good at it, so that made everything much more enjoyable~ ^w^

Finishing everything up still took a really long time though, as we spent the entire evening trying to figure things out and do calculations.  I also had trouble concentrating because... well... he was there.  He's just so sweet and handsome and fluffy and wonderful and kind and I swear his soul makes his red eyes burn like fire~ >/////w/////<
Is this what it's like to be "love sick"?  Is that even the right word?  Well if it is then it is just amazing with how much my soul feels like it like it is fluttering with all the best emotions the world has to offer... Unfortunately that also means he can be very distracting.  I had done a well enough job not letting him catch me as I just looked up at him every now and then I think, but I had one heck of a time erasing all those hearts I drew on accident!

I am NEVER letting myself use Telekinesis to write when Harlie's around ever again. I got lovey-dovey thoughts in my head for only a few moments and the next thing I knew my homework was just littered with the girliest hearts I can think of!  I can't be sure if Harlie saw me draw them or not, or if he noticed my frantic attempts to erase them all, but if he did he was nice enough not to say anything. ;///^///;

Anyway, homework took a very long time to finish.  I got pretty sleepy doing it all and started to wrap myself up in Harlie's braid since it seemed like such a nice blanket at the time.  And when we finished I think I must have just passed out right then and there considering how I can't remember anything after that.
Ooooh... I hope Harlie didn't mind me doing that.  I just do things without thinking sometimes. >///^///<;


Am I ever going to stop making HarliexMarionette stuff?
I don't think so. The ideas, man....
The ideas...
They won't leave me alone.
And I've become quite fond of writing Marionette diary entries, too.

You know, aside from assignments, this is the first "school" thing I've ever drawn.
Marionette actually doing SCHOOL stuff.

And yes, Marionette never got a proper school education past 1st grade since she died at about 6 or 7.  Thank goodness the older ghosts at Strange House always encouraged the wee ones to seek out answers to their questions in their massive basement library.  It instilled the habit in Marionette that if she ever wanted to know about something then she should go look it up in a book (it also helped that adults can be very patronizing to children, resulting in them NEVER giving kids the information they ask for.)
Seriously people, kids aren't stupid. They just lack knowledge.  

So yeah, Marionette is struggling a bit in keeping up with everyone else, but she's learned enough from all the books she's read to make high school level education doable if she pays close attention and takes lots of notes.
Math on the other hand...
She never had much need of math, nor many questions about it. Soooooooooooo...

Hmm... I wonder who has read more books? Marionette or Harlie? Because the girl had to do SOMETHING during all those winter months; it's not really enjoyable or safe for her to go out in cold weather, so she spent a nice chunk of that time making herself at home in libraries.  Where there was not only entertainment of all kinds, but also lots of warm nooks for her to hide in and spend the night.

Marionette (c) Mine
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Harlie's braid (c) :iconluckyryo:
Sick Marionette by DreamingMystic
Sick Marionette

EDIT: I forgot to add the FOOSH and it ate away at my soul until I could stand it no more.


Uuuugh... I feel so awful right now...  I really should be more careful when exploring around places like the Burnt Patch.  Foul and dark energy likes to hide in there... Messes around with my spiritual essance and clogs it all up... my head feels so stuffy right now... =_=;

Murrr... I wonder if I should go see a witch doctor about this?  If just only to help me stop sneezing fire all over the place.  There are scorch marks everywhere!  And I am so hungry... soooo hungry... My fire is not as big or bright as it should be.
Oh well... It's not like I can go see one anyway... The trip would be too long for me to make by myself, and I feel so achy, so I'm better off just staying in my room till I'm better.  Besides... I am NOT going out looking like this!  I look like something from a scary movie!
I'm not scary... I'm just sick... I-

Hmm?  Someone's knocking at the door.
..... Ack! It's Harlie!  No you may not come in! You're the LAST person I want to see me like this! Dx
...You say you have Torchic noodle soup?  ....And some books for me to read?  That's... that's really sweet of you... ;//^//;
Okay, you can come in, but I'm hiding under the covers. <///^/////<;


So I got sick recently.
Not sure if I am completely over it, but this state of crappiness inspired me to make my characters suffer as well.  So here you are!  One reference of a sick Marionette~ :dummy:

Since Marionette's body is made completely out of wax she is basically immune to normal diseases.  She doesn't have a single living cell in her body for any sort of bacteria or virus to live in and cause havoc, so she can't catch colds, flues, plagues, STDs... none of that stuff.
She can get sick if she somehow ends up consuming or getting infected by some kind of foul energy (I like to call it bad juju 'cause it sounds neat and exotic-ish~).  It gets in there and messes everything up from body functions to controlling her ghostly powers.

Like this Marionette has all the basic symptoms of a cold or flu: achy body, runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, PLUS out of whack soul sickness symptoms.  Like sneezing dark fire, loosing control of ghost powers (falling literally through the bed spontaneously is one), leaking dark energy out of the eyes, flame can't burn as bright and large since soul consumption is messed with, coughing up ash is not uncommon after consuming food (which can be seen as her throwing up to an extent since all food is burned for spare energy), and so on and so forth.

The worse the infection the worse the symptoms.  If it's bad enough it can even mess with the environment around her as bad energy is released. Like make lights flicker, dim a room full of sunlight, make electronics go on the fritz... you know, the kind of stuff you could perhaps expect in a haunted house or something.
Still, most of the time the degree of bad juju that is contracted really is just like a cold, so she'll be miserable but she'll recover in the end just like everyone else.

Drew a Harlie because I needed to fill that corner in.
And because he really is a sweetie who would bring his girlfriend some soup and would have no idea what he's getting into with a sick Ghost-Type.
Oh well, he tries. xD

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Harlie (c) :iconluckyryo:
Dance Battle Assignment Collab by DreamingMystic
Dance Battle Assignment Collab

I've heard boss battle music around or even slower in tempo than this, so I think it can still work. |D

For Battle+Music Assignment:
:bulletyellow:"Dance Me If You Can":bulletyellow:

Song: "Phantom of the Opera"

So today was the day it was our turn to present our dancing battle style thingy in Battle class.
I teamed up with Harlie on this because... well... I've wanted to battle along side him for a while now, even though our size differences have made this particular assignment difficult... but I think we did a pretty good job coming up with a style that would have worked~

Since pretty much the only kind of dance Harlie knew was waltz we decided to base how we fight off of that.  We would hold hands, spin around, and fight and dodge as we danced.  My Telekinesis helped us slide along the ground effortlessly to make moving around like this more fluid and less awkward, and Harlie would use his Agility to make us move faster when we need to.  Basically, I'm on defense with this for the most part; if we are unable to dodge on coming attacks then I am to twirl in the way and use Protect to block, and when that is done Harlie is supposed to spin us around so that he can attempt to make a strike!  Which is normally close ranged since Lopunny teachers mostly have physical moves to work with.

The routine is not perfect of course, I mean, just look at us.  Obviously the teachers were able to get some hits in, and a few times here and there they were able to break our Waltz up.  Also, more than once the bunnies were able to destroy the Protect I was using to walk on, so I dropped to the ground a couple times.  Sure, the platform's power being diverted from invincibility to longevity did make it good for the dancing and walking on in general, but it made it very easy to break.  All in all though I think we did well enough, and it was really fun too!

Siiiigh... Still... It all would have been easier and perhaps more enjoyable if I was bigger... I would love to have a proper dance with Harlie at least once someday, whether it's for class or not.
Although... aside from the general dance issues that were expected, there was... one problem we didn't really think of.
Since our dance style was so different from the Country and Hip Hop that was playing at the time, we decided to be cute and have a little extra fun by digging out the outfits the jukebox decided to dress us up in when it was playing all those Broadway songs.  They were easy enough to find back in the costumes area of the drama department, which was a barn at the time I might add, but oh my... the material they were made out of was NOT suitable for battle!
A light sparing match like this would have left normal clothes for the most part unscathed, but costume fabric tears so easily!  Not to mention my own fire burnt up my dress a bit...  Oh it was so embarrassing!  Thank the Gods nothing was torn anywhere vital. >///^///<;
A-although I'd be lying if I wasn't hoping deep down inside that Harlie's jacket buttons would become undone so all that chest fluff of his would be free... <///////<;

Anyway, I think we make a pretty good double battle team~
Harlie's got Toxic to help power up my Hex when Will-O-Wisp cannot, I protect him with my shield as he keeps an eye out for me, and his Flamethrower would do wonders in activating my Flash Fire.
O-oh dear... I just thought about that last part with the Flamethrower and, umm...  M-maybe we should hold off using that tactic until we're further along in our relationship... I tend to get very excited around fire. Like, VERY excited.  So just thinking about all that fire coming from him and me absorbing it...
........ .///^///.
I'm ending this. I'm ending this right now.  I'm not writing anymore and you didn't read anything, nope. Nothing. Good day! >/////A////<;



COLLABS!!!! :nuu:
*trips and falls on her face*

Teamed up with :iconluckyryo: to make this beautiful thingy right here.  I did the line art and some very minor, barely noticeable touch ups while she did all the coloring~ ^w^
It was pretty fun to do, but oh boy... It's not easy to think of how to draw pictures with these two, nope.  That size difference, man.  That size difference. Dx
Had to go with a kind of waltzing thing here with these two because A.) I'm not at all sure how the heck these two could have done a team break dance kind of thing with their sizes, and B.) can you just imagine Harlie doing break dance? Bwahahahahahahha!! No, have to do something more elegant for him~ XD

Aaaaaaaaand that is pretty much it.  Marionette already did all the talking for me, so I don't think I really need to explain anything more here.  
The battle style is based on a Waltz, although obviously it's faster and more all over the place than a regular Waltz to keep up with the battle's pace.  Marionette's using a Protect to defend an oncoming attack, and Harlie is preparing his Night Slash to attack for when the shield goes down.  
Honestly, I wish I could find a better song to go with this, but seriously me and Lucky are stumped.  Just what kind of song do you pick for this kind of thing?  It has to be fast for a battle, but melodic enough to suit a Waltz.  At least with this one I can imagine them twirling about but Ffffffffffffffffffffff---

If you end up faving my pic then please do the same for Lucky's; I'll provide a link when she submits her half~ c:

Lucky's Picture: Music Battle Collab with DreamingMystic

Also, these two... I can't get enough of them.  I just wants more and more of their love and fluff stuff, help. Dx

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Harlie (c) :iconluckyryo:

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