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Life is a story, so write it well.

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Cute Charm Oops by DreamingMystic
Cute Charm Oops

So me and my friend Ima were joking about how since everyone has Cute Charm this month, Marionette, the girl who loves to give everyone hugs, will have a legion of infatuated people swarming her by the end of the month.
So here it is.
Save your girlfriend from the adoring masses.
Her kisses are only for you.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Me

Streaming ((ONLINE)) .:Hatoful Boyfriend:.

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 6, 2016, 3:43 PM

:iconlove:Suggestion Foxes: Unpainted, Sleeping, No Box by DreamingMystic:iconlove:
Well, guys, it looks like this streaming stuff is going to be a regular thing.
Every Saturday I'll be streaming with one of my best internet friends :icondapuffster: and whoever else we can drag along.
Puffy will be drawing and taking commissions for 50% less than usual during the streams in order to help support his web comic, and right next to him one of us (may be me) will play a game to keep you guys entertained~

This week's stream will consist of this:
Livestream Feb 6th at 4pm EST by Dapuffster

.:Click for Stream Link:.

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie
As the boy tried to figure out where to go, he was suddenly picked up by Annabelle and lifted over the trunk.

"Annabelle, w-what are you doing WAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhhh" He let out as he was dropped down into what seemed to be a dark void. His dress and earfluff floated up in his face as he fell and it was generally hard to see anything. He continued to yell as he dropped to the ground and let out a yelp and gasped for air. However he was not injured, instead he had landed on a large pile of pillows. His tush was safe, but his lungs were not. He began to cough and weeze at the sudden falling which left him paralyzed for a short period of time before he could catch his breath again.

"D-damn...*cough* this....*weezee* this corset....*cough*cough*"

He couldn't even properly speak yet, so he laid his head down on the pillow and continued to catch his breath further. Soon enough he got back up, looking into the sky to see Annabelle locking the chest on him. "A-Annabelle?" He shouted out. "W-where am I!?!"


While Annabelle was busy dealing with roommates, Wyatt was trapped in a pocket dimension for the while.
This is the place where Annabelle stores all the little trinkets and pretties she has hoarded over the years, and it certainly shows the effort.

There were tons of the collected curios all over the place all neatly organized in its own way.  Odds and ends were in one area, soft cloths in another, Clocks were ticking away off in the distance, plush toys were located close to the drop entrance, and pieces of furniture were here and there among the giant piles whose height reached even higher than the tall boy.  Much higher.

And the ceiling… the walls that could be seen reached so high that they too disappeared into darkness.  Only the ground areas were well lit with orbs of floating magic and other lantern-esqe items that turn on when you get close to them.

This place was colorful, bright, and completely covered in just about anything you can think of.  While this wonderland seemed like a randomly placed mess, the path ways were kept clean and free from debris to make walking around easier in this carpeted world.

However, trinkets were not the only things that existed in this realm… the rabbit hole has eyes… and they were focused upon the newly arrived princess.

((Visual Reference to give you an idea as to what the place kinda looks like with all that stuff))

"She sure has.... a lot of things..." Wyatt let out, looking at the area that was just recently described. Not sure what he had planned on doing, he began to walk down the clean path since it was pretty much the only path he could take without getting his dress stuck. Everything to the fox just felt so... surreal. Being in this strange place dressed up the way he was, it was like he had no choice but to accept it all.

Why did Annabelle have a place like this? He thought to himself, he wanted to explore, but he was in no position to do that. How was he supposed to get out of here? Annabelle probably.... but how long would she take before she came to get him? Would her roommates ever leave? He might be stuck down here as a princess for a little bit longer than he intended...... the boy began to fan himself to keep his cool, he was fragile at the moment, and he couldn't let the corset get to him and have him pass out when there’s nobody to save him. Oh dear...

As Wyatt walked down the path quiet and indecipherable whispers could be heard echoing throughout the world.
Talk in this incomprehensible language was soft and only audible enough to be barely within the range of hearing, and was traveling across the world spreading the news that there was someone new.  A stranger.
An intruder.

If Wyatt were to pay close attention to his surroundings he would see that among the trinkets of gold, bronze, silver, and soft textures he would see dolls sitting about of all sorts and sizes.

They were battered, beaten up, neglected, weather worn, dirty, and had a bit of a dark and perhaps creepy atmosphere to them.  They would be sitting in one place and then disappear if one’s gaze ever returned to that spot, only to reappear in a different area entirely.

At first there was only a few, but as Wyatt walked deeper into this wonderland the number of these dolls increased.

The Princess's ear flickered. He started to hear sounds and voices, but he couldn't see where they were coming from. It annoyed him quite a bit but at the same time it left him shuddering. He couldn't even light the place up a bit with his wand.... because he didn't even have it.

Looking up at the sky again, he was hoping to see if a light would appear with Annabelle coming down yet, however she was nowhere to be spotted...

"Annabelle..... I sure would like if you came and got me now.....this place is nice, but it’s sort of giving me the creeps."

And then, while Wyatt wasn’t looking, a line of the decrepit dolls appeared upon the path.  Just sitting there lifeless as they blocked the fox from moving forward.

In fact, as Wyatt walks down the multiple path ways he would find his direction is always altered so that he would go down a specific walkway by more dolls blocking his path.  Like as though he was being herded to a specific location.

Eventually the Princess would find himself at a dead end with a multitude of colorful cloths and tapestries draped over everything and even hanging in the air.  Many were hanging up high, but several extended down low enough to obscure the view of the rest of the room and give many hiding places to those who wished to remain out of sight.

"Well hello there..." Wyatt let out as he saw some random dolls blocking his path. Fortunately it seemed like there was an alternate path to take, so he took it, and then it happened again... and again, and again. But eventually he found himself at a dead end.

Looking up at the clothes and tapestries, his eyes shifted around looking at all the small details.

“O-okay..... now I just feel like I’m hallucinating.” The poor Fox wasn’t sure what to think at this point, being through so many dream scenarios before and all the fusion mind games he went through, he wasn’t sure if any of this was real anymore, despite that actually being the case this time. He turned his back on the area to look behind him.

“I need to get out of here, I can’t take it anymore...”

Once Wyatt turned to try to leave the fabric grotto he would find that something suddenly had looped over him, tightened around his chest, and then pulled him back among the flowing and draped tapestries.

As he was pulled further and further in, more and more ropes began to wrap around his body, impeding his movement, and eventually bringing him down all together.

If he were to look up to see who it was that was tying him up, the pretty princess would see that the ones on the other end of the lassos were the very same broken and tattered dolls who blocked his path and led him here.
And the ropes were actually the long and colorful fabrics that this particular nook was comprised of.

They were restraining all his limbs, going through his dress for any potential weapons, and were quick and organized with their movements.
This is bad.
Really bad.

Wyatt suddenly let out a gasp for air as he was pulled back by an unknown force. Before he knew it he was completely tied up, unable to move any of his arms, and the pain in his body from the corset resumed. But that wasn’t the main issue right now. The main issue was that there were moving dolls that were searching his body!

“Ngh! Stop!” He cried out as he tried to move. He began to choke for air once again.  If he didn’t comply with the doll’s demands and kept moving he would pass out for sure.

The fox knew when he was captured. At this point he was just going to either have to wait for Annabelle to come get him or to see what the dolls would do to him next. Sure, he was strong on the inside, but he couldn’t have felt any more powerless at the moment.  And to think, he made it to the semifinals of the tournament.... now he’s just a princess who was held captive by a bunch of dolls.... How does this even happen?

Once the dolls were satisfied with the boy’s bondage, they started to all work together to lift him up into the air and walk off with him in unison, taking the fair princess deeper into this world to who knows where.

While all of this was going on, a beam of light could be seen shining from up above in the distance for but a moment before it disappeared once more.  With the last flickers of sunshine following the trail of a falling figure.

Waiting for her roommates to leave felt like an eternity for the nine tailed fox.
She felt bad about dropping Wyatt into her little part of the pocket dimension, so she wanted to get back to him as soon as possible.

Annabelle was given a quick moment to slip into the trunk when her roommates left to get something, but she honestly doesn’t know when or if the room will be empty again.
Getting out again any time soon may very well take some strategy.

Reaching the bottom of the world, Annabelle gave a quick glance around before calling out.

“Wyyyyyatt!  Wyyyyyyyyatt!  I’m here!  Where are you?!”

As the princess was being carried off, he looked up into the sky again to see Annabelle finally arriving.  A tad bit late, but here none the less. She didn’t seem to know where he was however... and it wouldn’t be long before he was taken even farther away from her. So he called out to her.

“Annabelle?!? Annabelle! Help me!” He shouted before quickly being silenced by the dolls. With extra cloth wrapped over his mouth, all he could do now was muffle out a sound, and just hope that Annabelle heard him. What did these stupid dolls want with him anyways? He got mad and wanted to burn them up, so he tried to emit fire from his mouth but it came to no avail.  The corset over his body prevented him from doing such, instead it just caused him to cough further which was even worse now considering his mouth was covered.

He closed his eyes in pain.... he felt like he was going to pass out at any moment.

Ears flicking towards the direction of Wyatt’s voice, Annabelle recognized the word “help” and the sounds of distress.

“Wyatt…?  Wyatt!  Wyatt I'm coming!”

Running off as fast as she can towards the direction she heard the calls from, Annabelle tried to think of what the boy could have gotten himself into that would cause him to yell like that.  Did he get trapped under an avalanche or something?  And why was he so far away in the first place?

Stopping at a crossroads, the vixen looked about frantically, trying to figure out where Wyatt could be.  She called out again and again yet heard no reply, but then… she noticed another sound.  A sound that was low, unearthly, and quiet.

It was a sound she hadn’t heard in a long time, but one she recognized almost immediately as the whispers of this world’s inhabitants.

“Oooh… Those damn little imps…”

At least she knows where to run off to now if those dolls are doing what she thinks they’re doing.  Here’s hoping they don’t lock him up in a cage or tie him to a post; the boy has already been through enough today.

To be Continued...
RP Log: Treasure Chests and Manly Corsets- Part 3

:: [Part Two] <<< || Here || >>> [Part Four] ::

Participants: Wyatt Augustin III and Annabelle Beltane
Genre: Horror

This is another long RP log that I shall be submitting in many parts, which shall serve me well in getting the marks I need.
This Log shall detail the adventure Wyatt and Annabelle had that led them up to being a couple.  It all starts off innocent enough, but eventually they end up in a desperate fight for their lives and freedom.


Small Summary:
Dumped into Annabelle's magical treasure chest for safekeeping, Wyatt was left to wander the inside of this mysterious and somewhat ominous landscape all by himself, not knowing what to do.
Although he soon finds out he is not alone...


And here is where we finally get into the meat of the story.
Since this is the second RP log for the month I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you on a bit of a cliff hanger until March rolls on by.  But still I hope you enjoy what I've given you so far~ c:

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Annabelle (c) Mine
Wyatt (c) :icondapuffster:



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