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Selena Solaris
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Life is a story, so write it well.


Optional Lesson Fishing by DreamingMystic
Optional Lesson Fishing

You know, I think Annabelle really likes the ocean.  Only if because I've been drawing her enjoying it so much.  A nice change to Marionette's hydrophobia~ c:

Now, as for the picture itself, I looked at all the optional lessons being offered and thought that fishing would be the only one Annabelle would be interested in, and then I remembered that the old version of Annabelle liked to go spearfishing whenever she visited the ocean.  I even drew a picture of her doing it once while I was at my Grandma's.
So here be my babe.

She picked up some shellder along the way and stopped to look at a Luvdisc that swam on up to her.
Such a happy looking thing.  It be a lucky fish though since Annabelle has no intentions on killing it.  I'd imagine that killing a Luvdisc would be bad luck for love and relationships in the Pokemon universe, so no way is she going to risk something like that.
Not while she's got a special fluffy fox to snuggle up to~

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Annabelle (c) Mine
Battle Class: Hulla Hoopy Fun by DreamingMystic
Battle Class: Hulla Hoopy Fun

Round and round and round and round and round and round and... @ . @
*falls over from the dizziness*

So there is a battle class assignment going on where the student has to practice their moves and stuff while using a hula hoop.  Marionette decided to make a pretty of hers and coated it with an Energy Ball.
She's been practicing controlling the nature energy in the balls so that she can make flowers bloom and stuff, so molding it over a hula hoop and keep it from exploding on her seems like something she'd be able to do.

As for the outfit...
One of the things required for the picture was that the student wear their PE outfit and I decided a long time ago that Marionette's would be her old PKMN-Crossing outfit.  It's good for running around everywhere in and she doesn't have to worry about it getting ruined since it's all patch work from years of wear and tear.
Also, I missed drawing it.  I love my little hobo, she's so cute in those rags of hers~ >w<
Although if Harlie ever comes around while she's wearing it she'll make a run for it and hide so fast.  She don't care if she'll get an F for the day, she ain't going to let him see her wearing a bunch of clothes she scavenged from a dumpster if she can help it.

Also, fun fact, this is actually based on an old sketch I made for the School VS School event that happened last summer.  Had to change the clothes and update the drawing style, but it's the same pose and everything.
The hoop she was supposed to be originally hula hooping was a ring from Tracy's Dark Pulse from this battle here --->
She's such a little imp... I can easily imagine her playing around during a battle if she feels secure in her safety enough, and them rings just put such a cute idea in me head~ x3

Litwick (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Hey, guys!  Making this journal to let all of you know of a charity stream that is going on right now being held by my friend :icondapuffster:, aka Puffy.

The stream is for raising enough money for Puffy to go to the Evolution Championship Series (EVO for short).  EVO represents the largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world, and brings together the best of the best from around the world in a dazzling exhibition of skill and fun, as players and fans gather to honor the competitive spirit in an open format and determine a champion.
Yes, I copy/pasted that from their website. Go look at it here ------>

DaPuffster is, as it turns out, known to be in the Super Smash Bros community as the best Mii Fighter player in the world and has been invited to compete.  He hopes that by the end of his stream he will have raised enough money to cover all his predicted expenses for the trip.
The stream consists of Puffy and several other of his fellow video gaming friends playing Smash and other games nonstop for 48 hours straight and has been pretty entertaining so far as far as I'm concerned~ ^w^

Yep. "So far." Meaning that the stream is going on right now.  They started their marathon at 3:00 pm EST May 29th, so at the time of this journal they are already 13 hours in.
The stream will end on Sunday, May 31st 3:00 pm, so there is still plenty of time for any of you guys to pop on over for a look see~

Donating would be much appreciated, as is spreading the word about the stream, but just showing up to watch for a while and enjoying the game play is good too!  So don't be afraid to show up! \owo/

Thank you all for reading, and goodnight~ ^w^

Twitch Stream:
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