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Selena Solaris
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Life is a story, so write it well.


Cute Kisses

MonkeyKingHero's Birthday tomorrow so I made this for him~
He asked me once for some FloxIroh fluff art so here it is. ^w^

They were going to be fully dressed at first, but guess who was too lazy to draw clothes?
That's right
Happy Birthday, Monkey.  Enjoy~ :'D

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Florence (c) Glitter girl :iconspashai:
Iroh (c) Birthday boy :iconmonkeykinghero:
Shy little Mary Boo by DreamingMystic
Shy little Mary Boo

So Marionette turned into a Boo.
She is so shy.
So shy that whenever someone looks at her she blushes lots and hides in her boyfriend's hair.
She's also 6 inches tall again to make up for the round body, so she is really small.
I got nothing else to say.  Her adorableness speaks for itself.

Litwick and Boo (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Annabelle walked down the hallways of Yarlets castle with her violin case in hand one ill-weathered morning.
The hallways were silent, save for the echoes of her footsteps and the rain drizzling over the land just outside.  Today Annabelle is to do a bit of practicing of her chosen instrument, as mandated by the wishes of her club.  Normally the vixen would prefer to practice her violin outside, out among the trees and greenery of the forest, but the rain has forced her to stay indoors for the time being.

The girl walked along until she found the music room and opened it's doors.
Inside was just as barren as the hallway; not a single soul was to be found.  The rain and emptiness of the room gave the air a cold and lonely atmosphere, but Annabelle was used to such a feeling and continued inward into the spacious room.  All instruments were neatly organized with chairs a plenty for a number of people to sit in, but this vixen liked being high off the ground and took her perch atop one of the beams stretching across the ceiling.  
Having gotten herself comfortable, her tails lazily drooped off the beam's sides, the Ninetales got out her violin and some sheets of music.
Today her goal is to learn a new song.  A duet involving a piano.  The girl would just love to play a song along with her dear Dreamweaver.  The Delphox is incredibly passionate when it comes to music and she desires to experience that enthusiasm with him.  To feel the heart and soul he puts into the melody he plays, and for hers to dance along with it.

Annabelle looked down upon the black grand piano below and wondered with a smile if Wyatt would be at all perturbed if she decided to sit upon it while he played.
The boy loves his pianos dearly, so the answer is an uncertain one.  Would he be annoyed that she's getting dirt and scuffs upon the instrument's surface?  Or would he like the visual of her white fur sprawled out upon the black? She supposes she will just have to try it sometime and see how he reacts~

Anyway, it's time to practice.
The music sheets were lifted up into the air with a bit of Extrasensory and were left to float in place as she reads off of them.  Tuning her violin for the song's specifications, Annabelle played a few practice notes before actually getting into the meat of the song.  Her fingers were agile and quick upon the strings, following along the notes rather well.  She had some trouble at some points, as expected with a new song, but overcame them easily enough.  Soon she was able to overcome all obstacles and proceeded to play the melody again and again until no mistakes were made.

By the end of it, Annabelle sighed and looked at the clock on the wall.
She has been here practicing for a very long time now it seems.  The vixen was a bit tired, but her mind was completely at peace.  It's an enjoyable feeling that always comes after spending a decent amount of time deep in her music.  Annabelle leaned against a vertical support beam and tried to think if there was anything else she wanted to do before getting down.  She stared out into space for a minute or two, thinking as she listened to the pitter-pat of the raindrops still falling outside.

Soon, a thought struck her and she raised her violin up again to play with a smile.
This time she sung too.  She sung a song that she used to play along with others back in her home village.  It was such a nice song, and one she would perhaps like for Wyatt to hear someday.  She can never play it properly just by herself, as you need a whole room of different instruments to get the right sound, but for now she will just practice her bit in the band to keep her memory up in case she gets the opportunity.

Annabelle just lost herself in the song.  Her mind was focused and clear and it seemed as though the rest of the world didn't exist.
So enveloped in the music was she that it was as if she could hear the other instruments needed for the melody playing right along beside her.  In time though the vixen reached the end of the song and she lowered her bow.  Satisfied with her practice session, Annabelle packed up her violin and music sheets and jumped back down to the floor below.  

Exiting the room, Annabelle was surprised to find that there was a group of girls sitting on the floor on the opposite side of the door.
They stood up as soon as she exited, allowing the fox to deduce that they were probably musicians as well, judging from the instruments they picked up.

"Ah, is the room finally free?" asked one of the girls with a smile.

"Huh?" went Annabelle.  "Oh... why yes, it is.  I'm sorry, did I make you wait out here?  You didn't need to; you could have come in if you wanted."

"No, no, it's okay!  We didn't want to disrupt the performance.  Besides, we could hear everything clearly from here, so the wait was pleasant enough~"

"Ah... well... okay then." said the vixen with a bit of a sheepish smile on her face. "If you weren't inconvenienced by it then, I suppose it's okay."

Departing with a bit of a bow, Annabelle left the girls to go return to her quarters.
Well that was rather nice of them to wait like that.  It didn't make much sense to her that they would wait outside because of one violin playing, but if they were okay with it then it's of no problem.
"OY!" heard Annabelle just as she was about to turn the corner.  She looked back to see that one of the girls had her head sticking out the music room, looking right at her.  What could she want?  Did she think Annabelle forget something in there or leave something out of place?

"Where is everyone else?" called out the girl in the doorway.
Annabelle grew a puzzled face, having not expected such a question at all.

"What do you mean?" replied the vixen.

"I mean where are the other players?  The room is empty but we only saw you come out."

"Really? I'm sorry, but... I was the only one playing in there."

"Huh?  You mean... you were by yourself the whole time?" asked the girl with a face that was just as confused as Annabelle's.

"That's right."

"Nobody...? Not even someone playing the trumpet?"

"Nope. Only me."

The girl thought to herself for a moment and looked warily back into the music room, like as though she was expecting to see a ghost or something pop out of the shadows.
"Oh... o-okay..." she replied a bit nervously.  "Umm... Thanks for the information." And then she proceeded back into the room, leaving Annabelle by herself once again.

Annabelle stood there for a full minute before finally getting a move on back towards her dorm.
She was quiet as she listened to the rain fall outside... contemplating as to what this could mean.  The girl had thought she heard others playing in there with her?  Really?  The vixen could perhaps argue that it was just her imagination, but if it was then why did the other girls wait out there with her so contently?  They certainly seemed like they probably heard a full concert too.

Annabelle frowned at this, and decided that she can't figure out the puzzle with the pieces she has.
Another time perhaps... For now she shall just listen to the rain and continue on with her day.
Club Activities 1: Band Club

Took me flipping forever to decide on a duet, so in the end I just chose the one named "Rain" because there was rain going on in the background of the story. |D
Anyway, another written submission.  Boy, am I thankful I decided to write these instead of drawing.  With the way I procrastinated I would have absolutely no time to do this club stuff. Dx

Also, while a picture is worth a thousand words... It doesn't explain things very well.  Especially if you don't really know how to draw it. =w=
And these thousand words are hinting at something.
But I'm just going to blatantly say it so that it's not as confusing as to what's going on.

Annabelle, as a Ninetales, has illusion powers.  However, since her tails always kept her magic locked up tight, she has never had any access to it.
That is until she got to Yarlets, where that barrier the tails put up is getting chipped back little by little with stuff happening in RPs.  By the time she is able to get a second class, Annabelle will be able to use a limited range of magic, but for now the power is just seeping through the cracks.

One such power will be illusion, but I don't plan on making it apart of her battle strategy.  Maybe 3rd year or post graduation, but for now it's just... decorative.
At the moment, the illusion power only shows when Annabelle is playing music or perhaps even meditating, which is when she is focused enough for something to happen.

Anyway, that's it.
Now I shall seclude myself for studying.

An oh.
Annabelle's now year two with this.
Whoop~ :dummy:

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Annabelle (c) Mine
    It was a bright and sunny early morning, with the sounds of the forest slowly coming to life as the sun rose lazily above the horizon.
Annabelle was contently all curled up in her tree house, high above the rest of the campgrounds where her fellow club members have pitched their tents.  Having Secret Power sure can be useful; almost felt like as though she was cheating making instant shelter like this while everyone else had to carry and pitch their portable homes.  Almost, but the huntress didn't much care, for this is the way she's always camped and she doesn't see much reason to do anything different for this trip.

    Light flickering through the leaves, Annabelle stirred and made slightly unhappy fox noises when the glow from the morning sun reached her eyes.
She buried her face in her pillow to hide from the sunlight, but eventually she woke up just enough to let out a yawn and stretch.  The vixen then automatically turned herself over to reach an arm out and snuggle up to another fox sleeping nearby, planning on falling back into slumber with her face hidden in all his grey fluff.  However, Annabelle soon frowned in her sleepy state.
She can't feel any soft fur for herself to latch onto.  Her hand searched for it but it found nothing.

    Finally opening her eyes, Annabelle pouted at the sight of the empty space beside her.
Her eyes glanced around the tree house but found no sign of the Delphox either, but it did see a folded note with a flower lying on top nearby.  Groggily reaching out for it, Annabelle picked up the note and began to read what it said.
Gone off to get us some more water from the river.  Hope to be back soon.
    Love, Wyatt

    Annabelle smiled at the sight of the flower, but quickly returned to pouting.
She wanted to snuggle up and go back to sleep hugging a Delphox, not this empty patch of space.  Disappointed, the girl laid under the blanket for a few more minutes as her many tails flopped up and down in unison lazily before she finally got up.  Yawning some more, Annabelle got herself dressed and used the last of the water to make herself some hot chocolate to go with her breakfast.  She watched the fog of the early morning roll over the land and the sun rise as she nibbled on her pieces of smoked meat.

    She should make something delicious tonight for dinner.  Something fresh for her and her dear Dreamweaver to eat.
Blood pudding perhaps?  Yes, she hasn't had some of that in a while and she'd love for Wyatt to try some.  Hmm... she'll have to find herbs and maybe some spices for it though... Shouldn't be too hard to find an adequate amount in this part of the forest.  

    Having finished her meal, Annabelle grabbed herself a basket and jumped down out of the tree to the earth below.
Quietly she moved so as to not disturb the campers and made her way to the edges of the campgrounds and past a little grotto filled to the brim with blooming flowers.  Annabelle's ear twitched a little to move her own flower, which she had carefully placed in her hair not too long ago.  It was so sweet for Wyatt to leave that there for her~
The thought had left the girl smiling and she started to skip a bit along the trail until suddenly she stopped.  She turned back around a little to look at the flower patch full of blooms and then down at her basket.  The gears in her mind spun and soon enough her smile began to widen as a mischievous thought was being fabricated.

    She's up early.
Waaaaaaaay early.  Or at least way earlier than what Wyatt would ever expect from her.  
He normally has to fight to even wake her up at a decent time, so he will never think to see her at this hour in the morning.  Quickly, the vixen gathered up the prettiest blooms she can find in the patch and put them all in her basket.  With it full of colorful blooms, Annabelle swiftly made her way over to the river where Wyatt said he'd be gathering water for their little home in the trees.

    The boy was absolutely livid when she once just randomly decided to tie up a bunch of girly ribbons in his ear fluff...
Wonder how mad he'll be if she weaves a basket full of flowers into his fur~?
Club Activities 1: Outdoor Adventure Club

Some writing for a change of pace~ ^w^
I was going to add a sketch in too of Annabelle drinking her hot chocolate while watching the sunrise, but then tests decided to spring up on me for this Wednesday and now I am submitting my club stuff before I forget and the deadline comes around. Dx

Anyway, this is just a typical morning of Annabelle as she camps out with her fellow club members.
It was pretty nice just to write something for a change.  Took a lot less time too than my normal pictures, though I did miss not being able to listen to podcasts as I worked. I can't write when there is a bunch of talking going on. :c

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Annabelle (c) Mine
Mention of Wyatt (c) :icondapuffster:

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