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Life is a story, so write it well.


Awww... I think they like you~ by DreamingMystic

Cute little candles,
Squeeing little candles,
Won't you please show me the way?
You wake up with the most adorable of yawns,
In this world of black and grey.
Do you like this light that has awoken you from your slumber?
Fueled by emotions of love and glee?
Come with me, little candle... Come play with me, little candle...
And show me the way that will set us free.


Harlie didn’t say anything, but laced his claws, carefully, with her own fingers. He looked down at them blankly, but enjoyed it all the same.
He allowed Marionette to lead the way, hands still connected. Harlie was slow...he felt like his legs were asleep, but did his best to keep up. And with how he was only minutes ago, this was a mass improvement.

He was lead out of the book fort, a bit flabbergasted at the change. It was so much brighter in that little a little world...outside it was...awful.
He blinked in surprise at the candelabra being handed to him. His eyes flickered up to her flame, when she mentioned she had no real need for the candelabra.
He nodded without a word and grabbed the candle stick gently; able to actually hold it with ease as opposed to earlier.

They walked in silence, in the dark area... Harlie felt...weird. He wasn’t scared nor really upset with the area...yet he felt awful being in such place with Marionette….like she wasn’t supposed to be here.
“Where are we going?” He asked after a while.



“Siiigh… You know, I’m not really sure…” -_-;
“Finding you was all I was focused on earlier, and now that I’ve got you I’m not really sure where to go next.” < ^<

“But… I suppose we should at least try to find the exit so that I may… leave when it’s time… But I don’t want to leave you all alone when it’s still so dark and you still feeling so…” :c

Looking off to the side, Marionette spotted some more candles covered in dust lying abandoned and forgotten in a little space on a bookshelf. Picking a rather big one up with her free hand, Marionette grew a little smile and looked at Harlie with mischievous eyes.
Feeling particularly affectionate from the idea that popped into her head, the girl then leaned in close to the fluffy boy, set the hand she was holding close to her chest, and gave him a sweet and loving little nuzzle against his cheek.

“So how /are/ you feeling anyway? You haven’t said anything since we left our fort... Are you okay? No problems, questions, or anything like that?” c:

While she was talking, the forgotten candle lit up brightly and warmed the area they were in just a bit; it’s starting glow was even easier to initiate than the others and brighter too.

Marionette refuses to leave Harlie while his world is still shrouded in all this darkness, but if she really has to go then at least she will leave behind lots of little lights to make it all a bit more bearable for him, and hopefully warm everything up; the girl hasn’t really taken much note of it before, but this library is freezing! Another reason for her to pursue with this little plan of hers since his fluff will help keep the chill at bay.
But really, even without the fur any plan that involves loving and snuggling this boy that she holds ever so dearly to light up the world is a great plan in her opinion~



Harlie nodded in agreement and understanding. He didn’t blame her; this place was a maze in of itself.
Harlie was about to speak when Marionette nuzzled herself against his chest. He gave a tiny smile and placed his hand gently upon her back, drawing her closer. He wanted this...He needed this. This closeness in height and heart...He literally gave a sigh...he would have to deal with it.  It hurt, but he dealt with it.

“I’m ok” He gave a short reply to her question... It was just that...ok. Maybe it was ok since he accepted he had anger and was wouldn’t change, only what he could control would.
“It’s...still difficult” He finally admits after a while, but said nothing more. He accepted his hate of their difference...he wasn’t about to lose her and came to terms with it...even though it drove him insane.
He was still lost about himself...and his family...He outwardly gave a sigh.

More candles lit up the area, giving it a warm glow to cut the darkness... The warmth was little but he could even feel it cutting through his fur; Marionette snuggled deeper into him. With the little bit of his strength, he pulled her closer...she had no fur and even with her flame, she must have been cold.



Marionette found herself blushing slightly when Harlie pulled her in closer and closer. His fluff, his warmth… She shivered a little, as she was indeed cold, but being this close to the boy really made a difference.
Must she really go? Here it may be dark… but at least they had each other. They can build another fort, or two, or three, and just hold each other where it’s safe and warm and just… be together.

“What’s still difficult? Us?”
“Siiigh… yeah… I feel about the same too… I know I should leave but I…”
“… I don’t want this to stop…. I just want to be in your arms like this forever.”

Seeing the little candle fires lighting up, one by one, brightening up the world around them, Marionette closed her eyes and snuggled in deeper. The world had gotten a little warmer… /he/ had gotten a little warmer. It feels so nice… but a slight frown intruded upon her otherwise happy face.

“But… are you sure you’re okay? Really okay? I remember you saying some other things earlier that were troubling you aside from… us.” :c



He sighed “Yes...but its ok...I chose this...we chose this...enough said.” He stated abruptly, not really wanting to talk about it. He just kept hugging her. He agreed, he wanted her to be in his arms like this forever...but logically he knew this wasn’t possible.

It grew brighter around was cut through the darkness.
He looked at Marionette when she asked if he was truly ok...he sighed...he must have been obvious.
“...No I’m not ok...well I am but that is just it...I’m not better nor worse” He looked away, his ears drooping.
“I know you say I’m not...but I am worthless...I was born as a pokemon that has a talent to transform...but I can’t...I know they say they don’t care, but I know they do...that I’m a waste of space and an embarrassment...why else would I have been sent away?” He rambled on...he didn’t cry...nor tear up. He just looked dead.



Enough said…
Yes. They’ve talked about it enough; they already said they will not leave each other. It’ll be hard, but they don’t have to talk about it anymore for the moment… They’ll deal with the frustration and pain as it comes.

Marionette looked up at Harlie as he spoke about what has been plaguing him. So he is concerned about how others feel about his Transform ability? Or rather… his lack there of?
The Litwick frowned as she listened; Marionette has heard about the Zoroark’s problem but has never actually seen this problem in action herself. Although she can understand why Harlie would feel this way… since his species is so well known for their illusions and all.

Without ever looking away from that dead looking face of his, Marionette set down the lighted candle she was holding back onto the shelf and then put her hand up to Harlie’s cheek.
Gently and slowly, the girl turned the boy’s head so that it was facing her once more, where he can see her giving him a soft and supporting smile.

“If you were ‘sent away’ for anything it was so that you may learn and get an education, not because you are an embarrassment or anything like that. But if you really feel that way… then just prove them wrong. Show them that you can control your ability; it’ll take some work… but I know you can do it~” c:



Harlie felt her hand upon his cheek; turning his face towards hers. His eyes softened seeing her supporting almost hurt to see such support.
He shook his head in her grasp however “It means everything that you believe in me...but it’s not that simple” He was a weird tone coming from him...not sad nor angry...just a voice that has given up.

“I’m an embarrassment to my parents...they are loving but I can see the pity behind their eyes. I’m not like the “normal” Zoroark, or Zorua I suppose, that my mother wanted… And my father...he just looks down on me...I can’t do anything...I have no special talents...and I call it frustrates them beyond reason.” He huffed, a bit angry, hearing the words for himself reinstated the fear and anger he had.
“And now she is ill...and I still can’t do anything.”



Marionette listened to Harlie’s rebuttal, and as he explained the candle’s smile degraded into a frown until she found herself staring solemnly at the fox’s chest.
So… it’s his family’s opinion that’s making him feel this way… It took a few moments of thinking to figure out what to say, for she had no idea what she could do to make him feel better about this. But all the while her hand never left Harlie’s cheek and she had ended up unconsciously stroking it.

“I… I’m not really sure what I can say about that… All this family stuff is still much too new to me. I’ve been adopted for a while now, but I’ve spent most of that time at school, so I don’t really know how things are supposed to work…”

“I wish I could tell you that you are just imagining that your parents are disappointed, that if you just ask them that they will tell you that they love you the way you are. But I just… don’t know anything… about that kind of love.”

Marionette had tried to keep her voice even during her speech, but tinges of sadness managed to slip in here and there. Family is bit of a sore subject for the girl; everyone has been so welcoming when she joined the family, but she is still a bit nervous over some things, and it just feels so unreal that it all really is hers. That perhaps she’s been asking of the universe too much for anything she’s been receiving, like their love when she hasn’t even done anything to earn it, like she did for her best friend turned Daddy.
It… just didn’t seem right… that someone like her would be allowed to have such things…

Pushing such thoughts to the side, Marionette looked back up at Harlie with a smile.
She can’t let herself get down when Harlie needed her the most; she has to be strong for him, and she is not done talking yet.

“But… what I do know is that everyone is different.”
“Everyone is different and it is so beautiful… It gives the world so much color and life. If everyone acted the way they are ‘supposed to’ then it would be a very boring place to live, and it’s not fair of your mom and dad to expect or want you to be anything else other than yourself.”

“You don’t have to have any special talents to be special.”
“Or at least… you don’t have to have any to be special to me… but I’ll name a few that you do have anyway~”

Feeling better now that her mind has moved off from the sensitive subject of family, Marionette slid her hands from their respective places and just wrapped her arms around the back of Harlie’s neck, pulling her up closer to the boy. So close that their noses could have touched if she opted to stand on her tip-toes just a little bit higher.

 “You are gentle… which makes you very good with ferals.”
“I know you had a tough time with Mama, but I remember all the other farm animals treating you well. Especially those little Duckletts and Torchics; they just loved snuggling up in your fur for a nap~”

“You are a very quick reader.”
“I have never seen someone read as many books as you in a single session. You must have read hundreds of books in your life, and you seem to remember everything perfectly about them.”

“And you have this… this amazing talent of just being able to say the right thing or do the right thing that makes the heart of my soul beat just a little bit faster… my cheeks burn bright… and just make me feel so special.”
“Even though I’m probably not worth very much… you make me feel like as though I am~”



Harlie couldn’t take it anymore...her words were too kind...they hurt and yet they were lovely. He grabbed her into a powerful and strong hug. Even with his little strength, he was able to lift her off her feet. A deep rumbling was in his was hard to tell if it was Harlie trying to push back the need to cry...or if it was something sweeter, like a purr.

“Never...never say you are not worth are worth far more than I” Harlie said softly, he swayed back and forth on unsteady feet. He fought however, he would not fall.
He sighed an unsteady rattled out of him “...I’m just so...sorry….for all this” He whispered.



“O-oh!” O/////////O

Marionette didn’t expect a hug, least of all a hug like this.
It was the strongest, fullest hug she has ever received; the girl does not think she has ever gotten a normal sized hug before and was just… amazed at just how warm and encompassing it felt, even though the arms weren’t nearly as big as usual. This is also one of the few times anyone has ever initiated a hug with her too; normally she’s the one starting off the hug. Just about the only familiar thing about this hug was how she’s being lifted off the ground, but even /that/ feels different.

After being stunned for a moment Marionette regained her composer and embraced the Zoroark with much love and warmth for the boy pouring out of her. With Harlie holding her up, Marionette’s head was now leveled with his, allowing for her to nuzzle his cheek without constraint, all the while she enjoyed the rocking and listened to his purrs.
They were rather cute~

“Murrrr… I’m sorry. I spent so long thinking like that, that it’s been hard to get rid of the thought I guess…” v w v

“And don’t be sorry. Not for this. If none of this ever happened we never would have had a chance to hold each other. This… this right here is worth any trouble that has happened… or might happen later.” .///w///.

And on that note, Marionette gave Harlie a kiss on the cheek before snuggling back in and sighed in content. She stayed like that for a while, just relishing in what may very well never happen again, until she heard something.
It was a small sound, but in a library filled with silence the sound was loud and very noticeable.
And… it sounded like it was close by.

Frightened as to what it might be, Marionette gulped before slowly peeking over the top of Harlie’s head to see what it was.
And… and it was…

Sitting there, right up in Marionette’s face, all nicely burrowed into the hair on top of Harlie’s head, was a cute little feral Litwick.
From the looks of it, this tiny candle ghost just wanted to join in on all the hugging, judging from how it was trying to huggle the Zoroark’s ear. And the sounds it was making? Tiny little sounds of squeeing happiness.

………………………..Wait, what? …………………………..

“Umm… Harlie… there is something on your head.” o/////////o



Harlie quietly listened to her words and enjoyed the kiss placed upon his cheek. He said nothing...just enjoying this closeness once again... He will milk it for all it was worth... till the moment she left this odd world of his.

He thought he felt something upon his head, between his ears, but ignored it. It didn’t matter; it was probably just the wind...or the leftover pain in his body.
He stayed on with hugging tight as he could as well as gently as possible.
He barely heard Marionette make a mention of something...something on his head?
“It doesn’t matter” He said airily...then he opened his eyes and thought about what she had said “...I’m sorry...what?” He asked calmly...he wasn’t scared nor worried...just confused.



“I… I think we just made a baby.” o/////^/////o;

Marionette poked at the little blob of a Litwick and watched it giggle a bit before petting it a little, which caused the feral to make a very adorable and familiar sounding murr. Reassured that this candle was of no harm, the girl smiled with a bit of a pink blush on her face as she scooped it up and held it up where Harlie could see it.

“See? Lookie look! Such a sweet little thing; it was nuzzling your ears for huggles~” ^w^
“I wonder where it came fro- Hey wait a minute… Where did the candle I lit go?” o ^o

Staring at the spot where Marionette was sure she placed the candle from earlier, the girl thought for a few moments with a confused expression before looking at the little Litwick with suspicion, who was at the moment making little squeaking sounds as it looked at the Zoroark with smiling curiosity.
Hmm… same color, same build… perhaps a bit smaller than before, but…

“Heeeeeeeeeeeey wait a minute… You’re that candle aren’t you?” Dx

Said Marionette as she pointed an accusing finger at the little blob of wax.
Who then promptly hugged said finger with its stubby little hands.
She’ll take that as a yes.



Harlie gave her a blank stare “....What?” even in his less than lucid mindset...that sounded beyond ridiculous.
...Though...A child would be day...far in the future. He felt warm...though he knew he wasn’t blushing oddly enough.

He watched as Marionette grabbed it off his head, gently, and held it up for him to see. It was a cute little thing...much like the girl in front of him... Yet this little candle was only a feral...nothing more.
He watched in quiet amusement at Marionette’s behavior with the other litwick...she’d be a wonderful mother...though he would obviously have to be the stern one... He coughed internally...if they even got that far.
This time he did blush.



“Awww… were you dormant this whole time or something? Come here you~”  o///w///o

Marionette, to say the least, was enamored with the little creature.
So small, so cute, so very much like a little baby that the girl just could not help herself when she started giving it nuzzles and little kisses on the cheek. Marionette would very much like children herself one day… though she does wonder how that would work out with her being as small as she is.

She also wonders just why this little feral was here in the first place. Was it here before or has her meddling in this world caused the tiny thing to be born?
Marionette oh so hopes that it was a resident before the events of today occurred; then that way it could perhaps mean that… in his heart Harlie has…


Before she could finish that thought, Marionette turned her head at a distant yet nearby sound. It sounds like… laughter? Giggling perhaps?
Growing a little smile, the larger of the two candles quickly wiggled her way down and out of Harlie’s embrace and firmly took hold of his hand once again.

“Hehehe! Come on, Harlie, this way! I think I hear something~” ^w^

Pulling Harlie along while she slowly ran down the now dimly lit aisles as she carried the little Litwick, who looked as though it was having a fun time on this ride, Marionette followed the sounds of giggles until they came across a little study area.
It looked very much like all the other alcoves they came across so far, complete with broken furniture, scattered papers, and an overall banged up and dusty look to the place. Except over in the corner where there was another mountain of stacked up books… where a whole hoard of feral Litwicks were gathered.

It looked as though they were hard at work… or was it play? Marionette couldn’t tell, but it looked like they were enjoying whatever it was they were doing. Which was providing… encouragement? For the few books in the pile that were trying to fly through the air.
It looked rather cute as the tiny ferals cheered on the efforts of these apparently magical books as they flew all over to return to their proper shelves. Some were having trouble floating, others were flying without effort with little Litwicks on top, and a few were flopping about on the ground trying to catch air; but the grand majority of the books were still too dark and lifeless to even make a hint of movement, even with the little candles’ pokes and prods to wake them up.

“Awwwwwwww… Just look at them all~"
“Why am I so surprised? Of course you’d have a library full of magic in your heart considering all the fantasy books you read, and what kind of magical library wouldn’t have a bunch of tiny Litwick wandering around~?”

Watching a pair of tiny candle ghosts chasing after a flying book, Marionette noticed that quite a few of the shelves had Litwicks on them too scattered about, nestled among regular candles. There were far more normal candles around than there were Litwicks though, so the girl had a tough time picking them out of a crowd; especially since most of them were snoozing peacefully~
Unable to resist any longer, Marionette began picking up the little ferals that were running about, creating a big bundle of wiggling wax of happiness in her arms.

“Still… there do seem to be a lot of them… Do you have something to tell me, Harlie~?”

Asked Marionette with a teasing and mischievous tone as she started attaching the little Litwicks to the fluffy Zoroark.
These tiny things latch on so readily to the boy with their stubby little arms… and they certainly seem to really enjoy it too with all the happy murrs and squeaks that are being made; they must love him very much~



Harlie barely got a word in as he was dragged along by Marionette. With her new found size, she gathered new found strength. Though she was still gentle with him due to him being so weak.
Within seconds they found themselves surrounded by mountains of books and tiny feral litwicks. Harlie could barely process how odd this was.
He was still confused on where they are...something about his mindscape... The books made sense...but why all these little candles? Well at least they were tidy creatures...part of him couldn’t stand things out of place.

Marionette had left his side to gather the many litwicks in her arms. She had almost toppled over...but it was sweet...A dark thought ran through his mind….Hopefully she could see...that one day size would be easier...and she could do this...and so much more.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt little warm balls of wax cling onto him, they weighed nothing, yet the warmth of them caught his attention. Marionette asked something, her teasing and coy tone surprised him. Yet his less than lucid mind couldn't catch on to what she was asking.
“What do you mean?” He asked confused but softly.



“I mean is there a particular reason as to why there are so many Litwicks around here? It’s your heart, your mind, or whatever this place really is, so I was hoping you might know. This wouldn’t have anything to do with me would it~?”

Said the girl playfully as she leaned in close and affectionately nuzzled the boy, her arms still filled with plenty of wiggly and giggling ferals.
Honestly, Marionette figures that Harlie would be just as clueless as her on the contents and inner workings of this world, even if it is his. Though still… she was hoping deep down that perhaps there were so many of these tiny things hopping around because of just how much he loves her.
He loves her…
Oooooh… she is still not used to that information yet; it just makes her feel oh so warm and happy~

Seeing a few more Litwicks messing around with a glass orb on the floor, Marionette deposited the rest of her collected bundles of joy at Harlie’s feet before kneeling down to see what they were doing.
By the looks of things these little candles were trying oh so very hard to make this orb leave its stone indentation, which was embedded in this otherwise tiled floor. They would push, they would pull, they would pretend they could make it fly… but only when they laughed did the orb start to glow ever so slightly and float in the air.
It only lasted a moment or two though, before the light eventually went out and fell back into its groove, leaving the Litwicks with sad little pouts on their faces.

“Hehehe! You almost had it~” >w<
“Hey… I’ll tell you guys a little secret… What you do to make these things go all bright and shiny is this…” c:
“You think of something nice, something good… something that makes you warm and happy until you can’t help but smile… and then…” v w v

Reaching out to touch the orb, Marionette felt her hand warm under its glass until a bright and golden light poured forth. The ball of light then floated up into the air and filled the alcove with its warmth until it reached a certain height and started to hover… but not before a particularly excited feral candle decided to hop on top for the ride up.
The added heat and light was very much appreciated in this otherwise dark world, though Marionette still couldn’t help but rub her arms to keep the freezing air at bay.

“So… that’s what these things are for… I was wondering what they were since I saw so many of them while I was looking for you.” o wo
“Hmmmmm….” v w v
“Hey, little Litwicks, do you… maybe know where the exit to this place is? We’re a bit lost and…” <w <

Aaaaaaand looking back at all the little Litwicks, Marionette found that they were all too busy to pay attention to what she was saying.
Save for the ones playing with the orb and napping on the shelves, all the Litwicks in this area were currently covering their favorite Zoroark. The ones she left at the boy’s feet even started to climb up to give him hugs and snuggles.

Marionette stifled a laugh and held a hand over her widening smile as she looked at this sight.
Oh dear… how can she ask for directions now? They just look so happy she’d hate to do anything that might interrupt it, although at this rate they may just bury the poor boy with all their love and affection~



Harlie shrugged lightly “Well...I love you… and I’ve never had a problem with I suppose I just prefer them as opposed to something else helping me” He replied nonchalantly.  Damn it Harlie; couldn’t see obvious right in-front of your face.
“Better than a fairy-type” He muttered as an afterthought.

Harlie was pleasantly surprised at her affection and leaned gently into her, in a sort of makeshift hug. It was rather difficult with all the mini litwicks around them...but it was nice all the same.
She moved away from him, placing all the litwicks at his feet, paying attention to a few others pushing some sort of orb around.
She was a great teacher...if a little hyper...but in a way that helped her be more connected with younger kids...being one herself almost.
Not that these ferals were kids, but they were close enough.

He was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by the many mini candles covering him...they were warm and light...but with how many there was a bit much. He didn’t really do anything to stop them though...He felt better sure...but he was quickly becoming exhausted; physically and emotionally.

He walked...or well tried to walk, over to Marionette and kneeled by her as well. A few of the litwicks fell off in his stroll but they didn’t seem to mind. He brought her close, he could tell she was cold...he on the other hand was comfortable...well as much as he could be.
“What do you think we should do now?” He asked in a very tired voice.



Marionette watched as Harlie tried his best to walk over to her with a smile on her face. She figured that he was having a difficult time moving because of all the tiny wax blobs happily holding onto his legs, but once he kneeled down next to her she started to grow concerned. He half kneeled half dropped on his way down, causing the girl to reflexively try to catch him.

He did well enough though and didn’t need much help maintaining his balance, but when he spoke Marionette could tell he was tired… oh so tired…
The candle girl felt bad about letting Harlie hold her like he did; the way he was doing it meant that she didn’t give him much support, even though it seems he has much less strength than her right now. Yet she enjoyed it and got as close as she could to the boy, for his fur cut the cold that was plaguing her.

“Well, you seem very tired right now… Do you want to stop here for a while and rest? I’m… actually pretty sleepy myself.”

Said Marionette as she began pulling off the tiny ferals one by one from their very favorite Zoroark.
They didn’t seem to mind, and only ran off to do whatever they wanted to do next with happy smiles. The Litwick girl would have left them be since they were already so happy on him, but with how tired Harlie was it seemed like it was a good idea to clear them off.



Harlie stayed quiet for a was because he enjoyed this sort of contact and didn’t wish to ruin it with words, second though, he was so was hard to respond.
“I am...but no...I wish to keep moving on” It was the truth...While he more than anything enjoyed this closeness they had in this world...he didn’t understand it enough to feel comfortable...or more importantly, comfortable for her to stay here.
At first of course, he probably wouldn’t have let her leave...but now...he felt that it was cold, and with how dark it was...even with the candles being lit around was no place to live.

He felt her pick the feral litwicks off of him...he didn’t move nor make an effort to help. He just allowed her to do all the work.
They didn’t seem to mind...he was grateful. “We should keep’s cold...well I’m ok...I suppose you are not?” He asked rhetorically.



Marionette continued to look up at Harlie with worry in her eyes; if he was tired then there shouldn’t be any harm in just staying for a little rest, was there?
Hmmm… no… perhaps that was harmful. If they find themselves a nice and comfortable place to lie down and rest, they will be refreshed and more able for the walk ahead, but would they ever be able to get back up? The temptation for them to just stay all snuggled up together may be too great.

“Siiiigh… alright. We’ll keep going… but if it gets too much please tell me.” :c
“And umm… yeah… I’ve always had a problem with the cold, but this sundress isn’t very good at all for keeping me warm.” >w<;

Said the girl as she looked down at the outfit she was wearing. It was nice enough, even with all the holes and tears it had, but it was worth crap in keeping the chill at bay; she’s not even sure if it held any heat at all with its thin fabric.

Snuggling up closer after the last of the Litwicks have been removed in order to obtain more warmth, Marionette then lightly turned her head about to look around. The piles of books obscured her vision a bit with their massiveness, but she could tell that there were many different aisles and directions they have yet to tread down. Some were pitch black, some were ominous, some had a light or two in the distance that were dancing... about, probably because they were wandering Litwicks that had decided to run off and play somewhere else.
But which way do they go?

“Hmmm… How about you choose where to go? I’ve been pretty much dragging you around this whole time.”



“I will” Harlie replied calmly and quietly, as he carefully stood up listening. “...True...I like it though” He complimented nonchalantly.
He helped her up, though she got up mostly on her own.
He gave a shrug “I don’t know...Can’t make heads or tails of this place” And he couldn’t...really, was he even here...?  It was honestly a pain thinking about it.
“How did you get in here?... Might be best to head that way” Harlie questioned with a suggestion.



“R-really…? But it’s so… torn up and I think there might be burn marks…” .////////.;

Marionette blushed profusely at that statement. She really doesn’t like just how torn up she looks with all these scars and tattered dress. Ghostly and banged up soul be damned! She just wants to look her prettiest for the boy and she feels so self-conscious right now and just wishes she could find something to help cover this all up.

Having risen to her feet, Marionette smoothed down her dress a bit anxiously before calming down enough to interlink her arm with Harlie’s. It’ll be easier to help support him if he ever starts getting wobbly or something, plus it’s also warmer than holding hands.

“Hmm… I’m not really sure how I got in here. All I remember is just… really wanting to find you. The real you. You weren’t… really yourself during that time…” <^<

Marionette looked about, trying to figure out which direction she could have come from. Seeing an aisle off to the left the girl decided that this direction was probably where she came from, though with how maze like this world is she can’t be certain.
The way down the hall was dark and… she swears that she hears something… something that reminds her of only the faintest of whispers.

Holding on tightly to Harlie’s arm, Marionette and the Zoroark started to make their way down the aisle. It was such a deep black down there… but she can see the tiniest of lights at play off in the distance. The little Litwicks will help keep them company for sure in all that oppressive dark.
But as they walked down deeper and deeper into the darkness the two were left unaware of what was transpiring in the area they left behind.

Shadows with crimson eyes were converging at the farthest reaches of the enlightened alcove. The lights were driving away the dark that was their home, reducing their territory. The orbs that float in the air releasing their bright luminescence hurt to go near, so they will have to be dealt at another time, but these tiny candles laughing and running around… their lights can be approached without too much difficulty.
They shall go first.

[To be continued...]
Into the Depths of the Heart (Part Four)

RP log between me and LuckyRyo for the Shadow Pokemon event going on in the group right now, where many of the students have been turned into a shadow pokemon thanks to a mysterious virus.
Follow Marionette and Harlie as they struggle to get through these trying times together in a story filled with tears, sweet moments, angst, and sad character development.  Will their relationship survive the shadows and become stronger than ever?  Or are they doomed to be consumed by them?  
Read along to find out! 8D

Part One: A Shadow of Your Former Self
Part Two:  A Dive into Darkness
Part Three:  A Home Built Just for Two
Part Four:  Fluffy Daddy~
Part Five:  A Chase through the Dark
Part Six:  The Soul's Window
Part Seven:  Back to Reality
Part Eight:  For You I Shall Fight

Want to see the picture full sized?
Go here! ---->Awww... I think they like you~


What?  You thought this RP was going to be nothing but angst?
Angst this, angst that... Writing that kind of stuff can be so draining and depressing, so I had set up some cute to give me and Lucky a break~ xD
Adorable little things, no~? >w<

Also, I need to figure out how to make photos less realistic looking.  It looks well enough with my drawings, but really, I could be better... ;w;

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Harlie (c) :iconluckyryo:

Awww... I think they like you~ by DreamingMystic
Awww... I think they like you~

Well, now... what is this?
A swarm of little candles has attached themselves to Harlie?
But this story is supposed to be filled with angst!  Why are there little candles everywhere? Dx

To find out, read this picture's corresponding part in the RP log here~ ^w^ --------->…

In any case, Marionette certainly looks happy.
And can you blame her?  All of this is just so sweet and adorable...  She probably thinks Harlie would make a wonderful daddy~
Although Harlie just looks plain confused, lol~ xD

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Harlie (c) :iconluckyryo:
A Home Built for Two by DreamingMystic

Warm candles aglow... in this broken library of black night,
I snuggle up with you in this home built just for two,
In the hopes of rekindling your light.


The new light sources revealed a couch that had been broken into two, so Marionette gathered up the remaining pillows and cushions before making her way back to the nook.
She spread everything out just so, making the book fort comfy and cozy with all the pillows, cushions, lights, and bits of torn up linen.

“There… there we go… this area feels safe now. It’s all lit up… You’ll be fine now, Harlie… We’ll be… uggh…” -.-;

Completely exhausted from everything she has done up to this point, Marionette collapsed onto a pillow she finished placing.
Noooooo… she can’t stop yet. She still needs to polish up all those shiny things. The candles light things up well enough but the reflective surfaces will make everything brighter.



Harlie felt that warmth return, yet he didn’t know how to respond...What was he supposed to say?
Marionette wrapped her arms around him, holding him up. Again subconsciously Harlie questioned how this was even possible...she had to be about 9 or so inches smaller than him so he still towered over her….yet she was able to hold him up.
She took the candelabra from him and Harlie grabbed her waist lightly to steady himself. She led him over to another area not far from where he originally was, yet it was brightly lit...well, bright for this dark area.
He stared at the makeshift book fort….he cocked his was weird but it looked safe. So he didn’t question it. He didn’t question a lot of things as of right now.

After she sat him down she did a bit more of tidying up and lit up more lights…. He watched with a blank expression but he questioned, why was she working so hard?
As he finished his thought, she felt over in exhaustion. Harlie’s emotional functions were still broken so he didn’t respond like one would...yet he leaned over to her and with the little bit of his strength, sat her back up and leaned her into his side.

Silence passed...not much was to be said...yet there were unspoken words.
“You….You need to stop” Harlie finally broke the silence “You...are going to get ill.” He stated emotionlessly.
He didn’t look at her, he just stared straight ahead “I’m not worth this effort.”



Marionette took deep breaths as she laid there on the pillow in a tired daze. Between all the running around and moving things that were heavier than what she was used to, the girl was absolutely exhausted. So much so that when Harlie pulled her over to his side she didn’t put up a hint of resistance; only making a small gasp at the touch and her face turning a light pink.

She’s… not used to getting touched like that.
It was unusual for anyone to make physical contact with her when she wasn’t the one initiating it, and even then it was almost always limited to careful hugs and being picked up and held like a doll most times. Getting pulled along like that was new. Being… held like this is… very new. Has she ever had someone’s arm draped around her like this? No… No she hasn’t.
She hopes she can remember how it feels when she leaves this realm of Harlie’s heart. But Harlie…

Poor Harlie… He must be so weak right now if he was having trouble pulling her over. Let’s see… five times the height must mean five times the weight, right? Hmm… no, no. No way she’s only 15 pounds. Although with her hair all floaty-ish like it is she wouldn’t be surprised if the weight was cut down…

There they sat for the longest time inside that little fort of theirs. Marionette would have wondered just how long they stayed like that in each other’s arms among the dim glow of the candle light, but she did not care. She was here, right where she wanted to be… though it did dawn on her that Harlie felt unusually cold.
It was at this point the boy spoke up, reiterating something he had mentioned earlier during their confrontation in the real world, along with some concerns for her well-being.

Having listened to what Harlie had to say, Marionette weakly reached out for a nearby scrap of fabric. It was torn up pretty badly, but it was big and intact enough to be used as a blanket, so she pulled it over the cold Zoroark in the hopes that it might help warm him up.

“You… said that before… Why do you keep saying that? I already told you… You are kind, you are sweet, but you are not worthless…”



He sighed a dead sigh “Because its true...why waste your time on me...? I can’t do anything” Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes, yet his expression didn’t change.
“I’m boring, I have no special traits...I can’t...I can’t even be a true Zoroark...I’m worthless...I can’t even call myself one” His voice broke but he kept talking.
“My family is crumbling around me...It is one thing after another...why even try?” He asked rhetorically.

The tears fell in waves yet his expression was forever blank...He sighed another dead sigh…”You are worth far more than me...You are strong without never needed me to help you that day...and never had needed me...I’m a waste of space.”
And with that last statement his facial expression did change, his fangs bared and he felt his blood boil in anger, yet his tone remained quiet.
“I hate that we can’t be normal together...I hate that I can’t hold you…” His grip tightened on her arm, yet subconsciously he made sure not to prick her skin with his claws. “I hate that I’m an idiot around you...I hate that I can’t just be your knight….I hate that I worry about you for naught...I hate that you are small...I hate that I’m big...I hate y…”He stopped, his voice cracking too much to continue, but added “as much as…” and he broke off again, the tears now rivers along his face.



Marionette just sat there with her head on Harlie’s shoulder as he talked; listening carefully to what he had to say. When his voice cracked, the girl quickly looked up to see the tears forming in his eyes, and when the tears fell down Marionette oh so much wanted to wipe them away, but she was stopped.

A pain shot through her causing her to flinch, originating from her arm. Lifting a hand up to that spot, the girl found that she was holding onto the claws that were digging into her wax.
They haven’t broken the skin and drawn blood, but still they hurt and stopped any viable attempt to dry the tears, so there she was forced to sit and listen to his speech increase in intensity until it just suddenly stopped.

So much of what he said she never knew… and a nice chunk of it was stuff she hoped had never bothered him. Inwardly she sighed; apparently him being completely fine with their size differences was indeed too much to ask for…

“Shhh… shhh… it’s okay, Harlie. Just calm down… please…” :c

Said Marionette as she took the hand that was holding onto the claws digging into her arm and put it up to Harlie’s cheek. With the way it was placed, the girl was able to gently move the boy’s head so that it rested against her own and she began to caress the cheek fondly. Taking note of just how soaked the fur was in that area.

She bit her lip for a moment. Considering what she could possibly say to make this better. Nothing came to mind… Except for one thing.
Marionette dreaded the idea of speaking what she was thinking out loud to anyone, as it really just had too much baggage connected to it that she has yet to deal with properly and she didn’t want to deal with it. But… for Harlie…

“I’m… I’m going to let you in on a secret… Something that… I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone before…”

“Not so long ago I was traveling. I’m not sure if I’ve ever gotten around to telling you about this, but I’ve been all over. For little over a decade I had traveled nonstop from vast deserts, to tall mountain sides, to just about every major city in probably most if not all the regions of the world. I’ve seen and experienced so many things… Most of it good and some of it… well… not so good…”

“There was never a dull moment though; I had all the world to explore and just about anybody to play with. I never had to be alone if I didn’t want to be, ‘cause I always seemed to have a knack of finding people who wanted to do nothing more but to scoop me up, bring me to their home, and feed me cookies.”

Marionette reflected fondly on that last statement; giving off a bit of a giggle at the memory of all the times she was just carried away for being such a cutie by random strangers. But then her tone suddenly changed and her face drooped in sadness.

“But… In reality I was… very… very much alone…”
“I was traveling because I was… looking for someone… Someone who was very important to me at the time… and because of it I was always on the move, never in the same place for very long. Two weeks max was normal, I think, and because of that I never really made any /real/ friends. They all were just people I met, had fun with for a while, and then left…”

“I didn’t have a home, I didn’t have a family, all I ever owned were the clothes on my back and all those things ever were was just a bunch of rags.”
“If a person’s worth was determined by the number of people who cared about them and loved them… who placed them in a special place in their heart… then I would have considered myself worthless…”
“I… I did… consider myself worthless.”

It was at this point that Marionette was beginning to cry. She couldn’t stop the tears, but still she kept going and tried her best to keep her voice even and steady. But still, despite all her efforts, Marionette’s voice still came out a bit shaky in some places.

“I… I had no one, Harlie. You say I’m strong and… perhaps I am, but… but it was only because I had no one there for me. I had to be able to get myself out of trouble because there was no one I could rely on to help me when I needed it most.”
“You never know if I need help because I never ask for it… and I never ask for it because I learned a very long time ago that it was just better for me to try to get out of trouble myself than to call out for something that would probably never come and get my hopes up for nothing.”

“You are not worthless, Harlie. You are not worthless to me! Because I need you more than you can ever imagine. To have someone I could rely on when I need them, to run to when I needed help, to know that there is /someone/ out there who would miss me if I ever just disappeared one day…”
“It’s all very important to me, because that is a very, very real fear I have; I am afraid that something will happen to me and that nobody will be looking. That wherever I am I’ll be unable to free myself with… when all this strength you say I have fails me… that I will be stuck trapped for all eternity with no hope of anyone ever coming to rescue me! That no one will even care that I’m gone or even notice!”

“S-so don’t you dare say that I don’t need you! Because… because I just don’t understand why… why you even allowed me to be w-with you in the first place!”
“Ever even daring to dream that perhaps you would consider me an option for anything romantic in the slightest was a big stretch, because you… You are cute… snuggly… kind… sweet… handsome and… big… While I’m just a puppet… a doll! Just a tiny and cute little toy for people to play with and then shelve when they’re done. W-who could… who… who would… ever… love a…”

She wanted to say so much more, but it was all just too much. She broke down then and there and sobbed her heart out, her hands covering her face.
Why couldn't Harlie just see… that he means so much to her? Flaws of any sort be damned; she needs him… whether he believes it or not.



He didn’t look at her as she asked for him to calm down. Only his ears flicked in her direction and the harsh sobbing slowed down. He felt her hand caress his cheek, which his head leaned into without the boy’s consent.
He felt horrible for even admitting his fears and anger...yet he felt a bit lighter afterwards…

Marionette went on to explaining something about herself...her life before him, before the school...before most things it seemed.
He finally looked at her, yet his expression didn’t change; it only showed he was listening... Yet as her voice cracked and her tone changed...Harlie’s did as well.
His eyes slightly widened, though the tears had yet to stop. Hearing her fears and worries internally made him think... He had a loving home...yes it was beyond stressful...especially as of late with the issues at hand...his abilities and his lack of strength... It was all petty compared to her and her tribulations.

Her broken sobbing broke him out of his hurt him...he needed it to stop.
Roughly yet gently at the same time, Harlie grabbed Marionette by the arms and lifted her onto his lap. Once there he wrapped his arms around her waist and head respectively. So tight that she could have snapped in half...
A thought that he kept hidden for so long bubbled into his throat...he tried to swallow it down...but it was useless.
“By the gods do I hate much as I love you.”



Marionette cried and cried and cried after that little speech of hers, making her face and the hands she was covering it with completely drenched.
She’s kept all those thoughts and feelings about herself bottled up for so long… It was, in a way, a relief to finally share it with someone else, but now the tears just won’t stop falling. She doesn’t think she has ever felt so vulnerable before… like as though she is just too limp and defenseless to stop anything from coming at her right now.

Even when Harlie pulled her so suddenly up into his lap she did nothing to resist; she was just feeling too powerless to stop him. She continued to cry of course, for the damned up reservoir of tears had yet to be drained, but its intensity had lessened in the surprise of the Zoroark’s actions.
He was being so rough with her… she never imagined that Harlie would ever have treated her in such a manner. She wasn’t being hurt or anything of course, it was a gentle kind of rough, but it all just took her completely off guard.

To be honest though, with this degree of roughness Marionette… well… she kinda liked it~
Though she doesn’t have much of a mind about her right now to really acknowledge the blush that had formed subconsciously upon her face; the girl’s mind is much too clouded as is to be able to think very well. All she really knows is that right now she is being held tighter than she has ever been held before. Being held… closer… to Harlie than she has ever been before.

Gasping for breath in between the sobs, Marionette found herself pushing her face up against Harlie’s; their tears mixing together as they cried.
When Harlie spoke up though the girl began to feel a wide range of emotions at his statement, and opened her eyes weakly to look into his.

“You… haa, haa… you *sniff* hate me? … But you… l-love me… too?”

This confused Marionette greatly; she felt ecstatic that he said he loved her, but this “hate her” statement that came with it… she doesn’t quite understand… was it because of their size differences? What does this even mean?



Harlie gave a rough sigh, refusing to look down at her in his arms. He just held her if he loosened up even a bit, she’d disappear.
“...I don’t know...I don’t hate you...but I hate everything that comes with you...with us” He stated, pushing her deeper into his chest, making sure to move his head over her shoulder so her flame didn’t get in his face.

“I’m-I’m selfish...I want this.” He gave her a squeeze to punctuate his point. “I hold you forever...and never let go...I want to love you….more than I already do.” Even with his sad but blank expression, a light pink came over his face.
“I want to be your strength and just your everything….b-but how c-can we!?” He cried once again and held her tighter “I-I’m a h-horrible w-worthless m-mon...I’m sorry….I'm s-ssoo sorry!” He cried even harder.



Marionette just sat there and listened, her face tired and worn looking from all the crying had put her through. The more he talked the more she calmed down… but the more he spoke the tighter his grasp was on her body.

Marionette had been squeezed and squished before, but never like this. Regular squeezing gets uncomfortable really fast at these pressures, but this was something else and it was making her feel all kinds of weird. Probably because she was being pressed so tight against Harlie, which was making her face turn a deeper and deeper shade of scarlet with every tightening.

Soon though, the boy broke down once again and Marionette quickly placed a hand on one of his cheeks to gently press his face against hers. She just can’t stand to see him like this. To feel him like this.

“You’re not selfish, Harlie… Not at all, not in the slightest. I… I want this too.”
“I-I want to be able to do… normal couple things with you… Like holding hands, walking down the sidewalk arm in arm, dancing, and… and so much more…”

“I want to be so much more for you. I want to be… what you deserve.”
“What my sweet… kind… and caring boyfriend deserves…”

“W-we’ll think of something to get through this. This island is very magical and I’ve heard strange things have happened to the students, s-so… so there might be something in this school somewhere that will be able to help. A-and if not then maybe we can… I don’t know… think some things to get around this size issue we have. Just… just to make things a bit more bearable if anything…”

“I… I don’t want to give up on this. I care too… I… I /love/ you too much, Harlie, to give up….”
“I love you…”



Harlie sobbed and snorted as he leaned into her hand once again listening to her words; Though he would lightly shake his head “No I am selfish...don’t ever say I’m not...but I accept that I am…...” He said with his face actually having emotion.  It was sad but warm...his eyes looked brighter.

He swallowed “With being selfish...I get to keep you” He looked embarrassed. He got quiet thinking...she mentioned the island being magical...and it was...but he couldn’t ask her to change, when he himself wouldn’t nor couldn’t.
“I...I want that more than anything...but I can’t ask that from you…” He said honestly, but hurt to hear it out loud.

Harlie gently grasped her face and gave her a gentle look “...I-I love you as well...too much to ever stop” and with that he placed a long lingering kiss upon her.
Harlie couldn’t help but enjoy it more than ever...she fit...they fit….More tears poured down his face yet his mouth upturned into a smile...he chose her...he’d deal with everything that came their way.  The good and bad...but for this little moment...he would savor it for as long as possible.

He started to laugh, tears pouring down his face and yet he kept laughing.



Marionette ended up holding her breath when Harlie made one of his statements.
By being selfish he… he gets to keep her? She… her face feels so warm right now, and her chest… How this boy always manages to find a way to make her heart dance like this she may never know, but the “how” in all honesty doesn’t matter. She doesn’t care how… only that it’s a sensation that she loves so much; it makes her soul soar.

Marionette’s face soon turned a bit sad though… It’s true that she said that they will find a way to get over their size problem, possibly through some sort of magical means, but she said that part halfheartedly.
She wants to be with Harlie so much, to be the same size as him, but she also loves the way she is now. She loves being tiny; it’s like as though she is always on an adventure, for even the most mundane of tasks can be exciting when you are small. She even got an Everstone some time ago to make sure she stays a Litwick.
The girl wants to be big for Harlie, but she wants to be small for everything else… There must be a way for her to have both, right?

It was a depressing train of thought she was riding on… However it was soon interrupted.
Harlie had gently taken her face into his hand this time and Marionette ended up looking into his eyes. A small smile grew, for within those eyes the little Litwick could tell that they had grown brighter. Much, much brighter than when she first found him within the dark. And then… the kiss.

Marionette’s fire flared wildly when Harlie planted his lips onto hers, releasing a flurry of embers into the air.
It had surprised her, that kiss… for Harlie had always been so shy whenever he showed this kind of affection. Only ever giving the lightest of pecks most of the time, even though they had been together for months now. Marionette can’t say she hasn’t been guilty of the same deed though; she too had been shy with her kisses, but still this was all… strange.
All wonderfully strange.

Their kisses have been so disproportionate up to this point that finally getting a proper one felt like a dream. Marionette’s mind went blank at this… unable to think of anything during this time and just simply allowed herself to be kissed and enjoy the sensation it created.
When it had finished though and the boy’s lips left hers, Marionette looked at Harlie curiously yet longingly as he chortled away.

“What’s… what’s so funny?”

She asked of the laughing boy. Although she never did give him the chance to answer back.
For as soon as the question left her lips Marionette found herself unable to resist returning the affection he just showed. She had no idea what she was doing since this was the first time she ever had normal kisses, but she never wanted any of this to stop.



’I’m laughing because I’m happy’ Harlie thought, unable to answer since Marionette didn’t give him a moment to do so... He didn’t want it any other way.
Harlie of course preferred this... Before, any sort of kissing was awkward...sweet but awkward. Harlie never had been with anyone before her, she was of course small, and lastly he didn’t want to hurt he always remained gentle and light in any sort of affection.
However for this one moment...both mons were allowed to be be wilder and free.

Harlie hated to ruin the moment, but he needed air... He was feeling weak still...for many reasons.
So he chose to wrap his arms back around her back and pull her close...not as tight, but tight enough for her to be flush against him
He gave a semi sad sigh “...We can’t stay here can we?” Harlie asked in a sad but accepting tone.



”I’m happy too…”
Was what Marionette would have found herself saying had she actually heard the Zoroark’s reply, but she got the gist of it. Harlie’s soul tastes happier than it has in perhaps a long time… and tasting that radiating off him filled the Litwick with joy.

Soon though the kiss had ended and she was returned to leaning upon the boy’s chest. Marionette was sad that the moment had ended, but in a way she was relieved it did.
She loved the kiss, she loved the feel of Harlie’s soft and fuzzy lips upon hers, she loved being so close to him, and she loved the taste of the emotions radiating off his soul, but… well…
It probably would have been pretty hard to stop if they kept going for all she knew.

All concerns aside though, Marionette very much enjoyed lying against Harlie and being held like this. She sighed contently, nuzzling her face against his chest as she made herself comfortable and content.
The smile soon faded however… because the boy had just brought up a very important point that she had completely forgotten about.
Looking around at the cozy little home she made for them, Marionette took note at just how bright the candle lights were now. It made everything so warm… filling the small nook within this mountain of books with a golden glow that made everything feel so safe and inviting in this world of darkness.

She didn’t want to leave. She didn’t want any of this to end.

“Siiiigh… no. No we can’t stay here. Or at least… I can’t.” :c
“I’m uhh… Not really supposed to be here.” <////^//<;

Marionette looked a bit downwards and to the side when she said that.
She’s pretty embarrassed by how she came to be in here. She can transverse the big world in her tiny body with skill, she can control fire with ease, and detect and track down souls from long distances…
But she can’t control most of her ghostly powers very well. So possessing her boyfriend like this with no prior intentions is making her cheeks turn pink.
Makes her kinda wish she had stayed at Strange House long enough to learn how to do such thing properly.



Harlie gave her a confused look “Oh?” he asked but said no more. He kept on hugging her for a while. Just enjoying holding her...if she had to go soon, he’d enjoy it as long as possible….till hopefully it could be a reality.
Part of him laughed.  Reality… he had never wanted to deal with reality, hiding in books all his life...yet he never wanted something so much.

He sighed “When you go back...I don’t know if I will remember this...I will try...but if I don’t...please...just work with me” His eyes watered yet tears refused to drop.
“I don’t want to go please….just never let me forget this” He gave her a tight squeeze but let her go right away.



“Umm… y-yeah. I, uhh… kinda did a thing on accident earlier while we were talking and umm…” .//////.;
“I kinda… possessed you… sorry…” >///^///<;

Marionette buried her face into Harlie’s chest when she said that, just feeling very sheepish for the action that brought her here. But even so, she is absolutely grateful that it happened.
This may not be real, as in reality real, but it gave her a glimpse into what she could only ever dream of. A dream that someday shall hopefully become true… but until then she can hold onto the memories she makes here and treasure them in her heart.

Or at least… she hopes she can hold onto them.
In a world where everything seems so dreamlike will small sensations and feelings like this be forgotten like a dream? Harlie suspects as much and is concerned about it just like her.

“I will… I’ll find some way to remind you, because… I… I want to remember this too.” .///w///.

Marionette let herself linger upon the Zoroark’s chest just a little bit longer before forcing herself to speak again. She doesn’t want to go back either… but the little ghost doesn’t know what kind of affect prolonged possession will have on Harlie. So she leans back, though her body was still very much in close contact with the boy’s, and asks…

“Do you think you will be able to move now or do you need to rest more?”



Harlie didn’t respond for a while...nor did his face change. In fact it became impassive and blank once again.
“It’s ok” He finally responded after a while...and set to rubbing small circles on her back as he stared out past her.
He felt better...that much was true...yet he was still not 100% would take time. This much he could tell.

He smiled a soft smile, though it had a linger of tease, as she stated she wished to remember this too...Good...if he didn’t forget, he’d make sure she didn’t forget either.
Harlie once again smiled as she leaned back into his chest, never stopping the light circles.
However she pulled back slightly; allowing his hands to lightly rest on her hips; barely touching, yet obviously there.

He thought about her question quietly...he even moved his legs slightly, testing them “...I should be able to walk.” He finally answered after a while and lightly moved, signifying that he was trying to get up.
Not without issues of course.



Marionette felt herself quiver a bit when Harlie started to rub the small circles into her back.
So many new sensations she’s felt today, but this one was especially new and felt really nice. Is this what a back rub feels like? It’s having her make little murrs of delight~

The light rubbing even made the girl forget about that hint of tease she saw in one of Harlie’s smiles. She had never seen such a look from him before and wondered what it could mean, but that train of thought got derailed quickly once the feeling of those circles came to her attention again.
Maybe she should ask for an actual massage sometime… though this is enough for now.

“Ahh, that’s good. I’ll…” o w o
“O-oh!” o//^//o;

Went Marionette as Harlie started to move with her still on top.
Never had she been so keenly aware of where she was sitting right now. Up until this point the girl had been too concerned and focused on Harlie to fully take note as to exactly where she was; sitting in his lap, face front towards the boy, and he was holding her ever so lightly down by the hips against his. This revelation cased Marionette’s face to turn completely red.

“H-hold on a moment, Harlie. I need to get off first.” o//////////o;

Hands on Harlie’s shoulders, Marionette kneeled up so as to get off the boy, but she hadn’t moved any farther than that. The cloth ceiling was hanging too low for the girl to stand up all the way and looking around… There were just too many things in the way. Why did she gather up so much shiny objects? These candles are providing more than enough light to light everything up, and now the items are making it hard to figure out where she should move without it getting a bit too awkward for her and Harlie.
Perhaps a jump for the pillows behind her would be best? She never did get around to placing them properly.



Harlie quietly nodded but said nothing, as he let Marionette lift herself off him. He hated the loss of contact...yet a part of him was glad.  He was still weak and his legs needed some relief; even if she was still rather light.
He watched her quietly, she looked horribly embarrassed. Honestly Harlie couldn’t tell why...while in this mindset he was less...shy if that was the correct word but yet everything was still blurry to him.

He lifted his arms in her direction and gave her a rather pathetic look that if he was in his right mind he would have been horribly upset at himself...But he didn’t care in this exact moment.
“May I have some help, please?” He asked quietly.



Marionette looked down at the Zoroark reaching his arms out towards her and made a little smile. The sight she was seeing indeed was pathetic, which was a little sad, but the Litwick couldn’t help but find the face Harlie was wearing to be a little cute too. It just made her want to give him all the snuggles and kisses in the world to make those sad eyes go away.

“Sure. Just give me a minute~” c:

Having crawled back a bit to give her some pulling space, Marionette threw the blanket she placed on Harlie earlier to the side and grasped his wrists to get a good grip.
She froze and tensed up a bit though when she saw the scars that marked her forearms. She had completely forgotten about those and looked up at Harlie nervously. He hasn’t said anything about them yet… Has he perhaps not noticed? It’s not like her wax body leaves any scars behind when it heals, so he couldn’t have known about these past injuries beforehand… Although he has been pretty preoccupied, so…

Shaking her head to free herself from those thoughts, Marionette focused on the task at hand and prepared herself for the pull.

“Okay… 1, 2, 3… hurrr!” >^<;
“Gaaaahh…” D;

Great… She knew that Harlie was heavy, and she’s never pulled anyone up before, but she never thought it would be /this/ hard to get him on his feet. She’ll just have to put everything she’s got into this next try.

“Alright, no holding back this time. 1… 2… 3!” >:c
“Hurrrr…!” >^<
“Eeek!” Dx

Okay. Too much force with that one; it got Harlie up on his feet quick but she ended up falling backwards too. Who knew being big would make her so clumsy…? Oh well… at least she landed on the pillows behind her or else that would have hurt.



Harlie used as much strength as he had to lift wasn’t easy...His legs just felt so jelly. He still felt...weak inside as well….He cared for Marionette and loved her, and with that he felt back to normal. Yet him as himself and his own issues still kept him in the dark...not as much as before but just enough to remain weak.

He felt her froze as she grabbed his first he thought it was cause he was too heavy, which he probably was. Then he noticed her line of sight...odd scars lined her arms. Normally Harlie probably would have questioned her about it...ask if she was ok. However, he just cocked his head at them as they fought to get him on his feet...He did worry if they hurt...he hoped they didn’t. Yet with how this “world” was, he didn’t feel too worried...If she wished to talk about it, he’d listen. Till then he wouldn’t say a word.

Finally with a great pull, Harlie was pulled to his feet. He leaned forward, holding himself up with his hands on his knees, like he was winded. When he looked up, he blinked at Marionette now being on the ground...luckily the pillows cushioned her fall...but he couldn’t help but feel guilty.
Without asking, Harlie gently grabbed her wrist and pulled her up with ease….she weighed nothing.
He looked away from her “I’m sorry” He apologized with a guilty though deadpan tone...he still held her wrist however, gently.



Marionette gave off a tired sigh as she laid there in that pile of pillows.
She was sleepy… oh so sleepy… all that crying really did a number on her and made her want to just lay there and stare at the makeshift ceiling. She knows that they really should get going, but maybe they could…

Before she could finish that thought though, Marionette felt herself being pulled upwards by her wrist. She was amazed at just how easily the Zoroark was able to lift her when he could barely lift himself, especially since she didn’t help him in any way in her lethargic state.

Now on her feet, the girl looked at the boy as he turned away and mumbled out a sorry. Honestly, she couldn’t see why he would feel so compelled to apologize to her, but gave him a soft smile anyway. Slowly and without thinking, Marionette’s hand grabbed Harlie’s wrist and migrated into the hand that was oh so gently holding her.
He felt warmer than when she first found him now that she thinks about it.

“It’s okay; you don’t have anything to be sorry about.” c:

Looking down to see that they were now properly holding hands, Marionette blushed a little and squeezed Harlie’s hand just a bit tighter. Another new sensation she hopes to never forget… and one she had always day dreamed of experiencing.
Hmmm… alright… she’ll save sleeping for later after they at least cover some ground. She doesn’t want to let go of the boy’s hand just yet.

Leading Harlie out of the book fort glowing with golden light abound, Marionette stretched out her back before getting a good look at their surroundings.
It would seem that while they were in their little nook a good number of other nearby candles had been lit aflame. Probably because there was just too much lovey-dovey-ness in the fort and it just spilled out into the world… and not only that, but the world itself… Oh, she can see so much more.

Before, light didn’t travel from its source very far; the darkness just seemed to eat away at any illumination before it could reach a certain distance. But now the travel of the lights in the area looked to be reasonable and realistic! A deep and heavy darkness still fills in the cracks of absolutely everything around here, and the true height of these bookcases is still obscured by an inky black, but it was nowhere as bad as before and inspired a bit of hope in the candle girl.

Picking up the same candelabra from earlier, now only lightly scratched and dented instead of full on battered, Marionette gave it to Harlie for him to hold once again.

“Here. I already have my fire to guide me, so you can have this again. Now let’s get going.” ^w^

And so the couple began the long walk to who knows where, but little did they know that ominous presence that made Marionette want to seek shelter long ago was still around.
Many shadowy wisps with crimson eyes watched the two lovebirds from above and around corners restlessly. They did not foresee this… their realm has become brighter, the darkness tainted with light.
Their power still holds this world strong, but this new development is troubling and they must do something before the light in their host becomes too great.

They need to regain the ground they lost; snuff out this light that has grown.
The girl, she is the cause. She either must go…
Or be claimed as their own.

[To be continued...]
Into the Depths of the Heart (Part Three)

RP log between me and LuckyRyo for the Shadow Pokemon event going on in the group right now, where many of the students have been turned into a shadow pokemon thanks to a mysterious virus.
Follow Marionette and Harlie as they struggle to get through these trying times together in a story filled with tears, sweet moments, angst, and sad character development.  Will their relationship survive the shadows and become stronger than ever?  Or are they doomed to be consumed by them?  
Read along to find out! 8D

Part One: A Shadow of Your Former Self
Part Two:  A Dive into Darkness
Part Three:  A Home Built Just for Two
Part Four:  Fluffy Daddy~
Part Five:  A Chase through the Dark
Part Six:  The Soul's Window
Part Seven:  Back to Reality
Part Eight:  For You I Shall Fight

Want to see the picture full sized?
Go here! ----> A Home Built for Two


Guess what I learned?
There's a limit as to how much you can type in Sta.shWriter, so now there are 8 parts to this story instead of 6.  Isn't that wonderful~? :'D

I'm not drawing any more pictures for these things gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...! Dx

But other than that, look.
Same size fluff.
Lots of same size fluff.
And crying.
Our babes cried bucket loads during this.

Lots of relationship development here.  Let's hope that they make it through this okay though...  It seems like they are not alone... >^ >;

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Harlie (c) :iconluckyryo:

A Home Built for Two by DreamingMystic
A Home Built for Two

Yet another picture for the RP logs I'm posting.
Read the corresponding story here! ---->…

Ship TinyFluff just got snuggly.
And can you blame them?  This is the first and, for all they know, last time they will be able to do this kind of stuff.  It's really hard to hug someone with all the love in the world when they are only 1/6 your size. Dx

And for reference, Marionette would be 5 feet to Harlie's 5 feet 9 inches.
So she's still pretty petite.  Perfect for cuddles~ c:

And look... bad thingies...
Every romantic adventure needs an antagonist, yes~ xD

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Marionette (c) Mine
Harlie (c) :iconluckyryo:

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